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What are the mobile phone accessories? A collection of mobile phone decorations that trendy people love

by:Jolly     2022-01-12

Mobile phone accessories can not only beautify the phone, but also have a good protection function. Trendy people like to use these to decorate the phone. So, what are the mobile phone accessories? Usually include mobile phone pattern film, you can choose PET material, light transmittance and protection ability are better; mobile phone pendant, you must choose according to your own interest style; it is better to choose a mobile phone protective case with good heat dissipation and drop resistance... Below, the editor will bring you a complete collection of mobile phone accessories to see which small decorations trendy people like!

What are the mobile phone accessories mobile phone pattern film

Mobile phone film is a kind of film used to mount the surface of mobile phone body and screen, and pattern film is to print patterns on the film, but does not block the screen, not only can play a role in waterproof and dustproof, The pattern on the film can also beautify the phone and look pleasing to the eye.

Purchasing points: It is recommended to choose a PET film, which has the ability to wear and scratch, it is not easy to produce bubbles after pasting, and has good light transmission; the pattern on the mobile phone film should be in line with your own interests and hobbies. It can bring people a happy mood; it is best to attach a film artifact to make the film easier.

Reference price: generally between 10-30 yuan

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