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What are the ways to divide the tablet leather case?

by:Jolly     2022-01-19

For tablet leather cases, our principle is not to buy the most expensive ones, only the ones that suit you best. There are three ways to divide it:

According to the protection method

1. All-inclusive open type: simple appearance. 2. Hinge-type protective sleeve: the most commonly used type but can provide all-round protection and can be carried directly. 3. Back shell type: The main feature is ultra-thin and ultra-light, which is in line with people's pursuit of lightness and thinness of the tablet, and it is not easy to get dirty and easy to clean!

Divided according to function

1. Anti-radiation type: This type of protective sleeve adopts anti-radiation materials, which can reduce radiation damage to the human body. 2. Sleep type: refers to the switch function, when you close it, the tablet automatically enters the dormant state; the tablet will automatically activate when the cover is opened. 3. Other types: may not have special functions, but have functions such as protection and support, and the price is relatively cheaper.

Divided by material

1. Genuine leather: used for high-end protective sleeves or business-oriented series, it feels the best but the price is higher.

2. Silicone type: used for low-end protective covers, the hand feel is not very good, but the price is relatively cheap and affordable.

3. PU type or others: These are used for some of the more prominent design, very personalized protective cover, which is a must-have product for fashionable people, and the price is relatively high.

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