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What aspects are included in the detailed design of Dongguan mobile phone leather case wholesale?

by:Jolly     2022-01-02

The design of mobile phone holsters is not a purely unconventional departure from tradition and reality. Instead, it inherits tradition and makes appropriate changes or designs to a greater extent on this basis. Its work is mainly focused on the optimization and organization of the market to promote the mass production and sales of enterprise products. 1. Analyze a good-quality mobile phone holster from the appearance; it is believed that the appearance is actually a relatively stable geometric body. Whether the appearance of a geometric body is pleasing or not depends mainly on the front shape of the geometric body, but for the designer, the shape of the side, top and bottom all have a very important role. Each surface itself influences each other and requires the designer to be serious. Combinations can make each body look beautiful, generous or give people a sense of rebelliousness. 2. I want to buy a mobile phone leather case. The craftsmanship is also very important. The craftsmanship refers to the various processes, production methods and production techniques in the production of mobile phone leather cases. It is an important link that reflects the quality and grade of a product. It mainly includes materials selection and cutting technology; shovel thickness, width, slope and other technologies and data; needle shape, needle size, stitch length, margin, thread strands, thread color, thread quality, and Technology and data of open seam, concealed seam and semi-open seam; selection, processing technology and data of auxiliary materials; technology and data of assembly process, hemming, hemming, oily edge, glue, and bonding; branding, silk screen, car Decorative thread, computer embroidery, punching, stringing, threading, nailing and other decorative techniques and data. 3. Lines    lines are geometric elements that make up various surfaces and bodies. Each line gives people a different feeling and 'provokes' countless 'rights and wrongs'. Straight lines give people a sense of integrity, firmness, openness, calm, and unity; vertical lines give people a sense of seriousness, upright, and support; curves give people a feeling of softness, relaxation, and freedom; wavy lines give people a feeling of smoothness, ups and downs; The snail curve gives people the feeling of gradually shrinking or stretching; the arc line gives people the feeling of roundness, fullness or thinness; the oblique line gives people the feeling of dumping and oppression; the broken line gives people the feeling of hard, roundabout, and sudden. 4. Accessories Accessories often play a finishing touch in the design and production of mobile phone holsters, and are one of the most important contents in the design of mobile phone holsters. The accessories include practical accessories and decorative accessories. Their main materials are alloy, pure copper, steel, plastic, wood, leather, etc., using electroplating, color spraying, lasha, grinding, laser (ie laser), engraving, branding, etc. To make. Practical accessories refer to parts that have practical functions and performance, and whose shapes and patterns can make people imagine, including handles of various materials, switch locks, zipper tags, foot nails, pull rods, pulleys, etc.

5. Color refers to the synthesis of the material quality, texture and variety of the leather case, and is one of the elements of the leather case design. Leather is the main material of mobile phone holsters. It includes genuine leather, recycled leather and artificial leather. Each material has its own different characteristics and strengths, which directly affect the effect of the craftsmanship and the technical processing methods and durability of the components. In this industry, all kinds of textile materials are matched with leather products made by the production process of mobile phone holsters, also known as mobile phone holsters. 6. Nature has countless colors, but for the leather goods industry, black, brown and red are the three most classic colors. The leather goods industry has only paid attention to this problem since artists lavishly rendered their masterpieces. By the 1980s, more and more urbanites liked the colors of nature. With the development of technology, these colors have been widely used in all walks of life. In 1997, colorful designs swept the world. Since then, color changes have become more and more intense. Not only red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple have all appeared on the scene, but also their edge colors and mixed colors. Thousands of changes also shine. In recent years, many fascinating colors such as metallic colors, pearl colors, fluorescent metallic colors, two colors, five colors, and various antique colors have appeared. 7. Structure Structure refers to the organic combination of the external and internal components of a product in various ways. Here, it refers to the various structures of bags, handbags, wallets, etc., which are manufactured with one or more devices using different processes. It reflects the technological characteristics of a product, but also reflects the use function and performance of a product. For each structure, both practical and decorative design methods can be used.

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