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What does UV in UV printer mean?

by:Jolly     2022-01-16

For Xiaobai who has just been engaged in the printing industry, it is still necessary to understand some basic words.

If you want to work in the printing industry, which UV machine may be one of the words you hear the most. The machine refers to a printer, a device that prints all kinds of patterns on a flat surface. The printing method is similar to the ordinary printers commonly used in our daily life, but there are many essential differences. It is too professional and will not be explained in detail here. For novices, all you need to know is that it is a printer.

And what does UV mean?

We know through Baidu that UV is a kind of ultraviolet light, which is the abbreviation of the English name Ultravioletray or Ultravioletradiation.

In reality, what we mean by UV is a UV lamp that emits ultraviolet rays.

Any UV printer should be called a printer with ultraviolet light. Ha....... So awkward, let's call it a UV printer!

Why do UV printers use UV lamps?

This has a lot to do with ink, you can understand the knowledge about UV ink.

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