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What is imd panel in-mold decoration technology?

by:Jolly     2022-01-09

The imd panel is relatively unfamiliar to many people. Next, what is the imd panel in-mold decoration technology?

The Chinese name of IMD: In-mold decoration technology, also known as coating-free technology. English name: In-Mold
Decoration, IMD is the current internationally popular surface decoration technology. The surface hardened transparent film, the middle printing pattern layer, the back injection layer, and the ink middle can make the product resistant to friction, prevent the surface from being scratched, and can maintain the color for a long time. Bright and not easy to fade. Mainly used in mobile phones and some electrical panels, transparent lenses to protect display screens, dials of automobile instruments and meters, washing machine panels, etc., and has been developed to decorate large-scale casings, such as car shell decoration. Due to the use of IMD technology, not only the decorative effect is beautiful, but also compared with other manufacturing methods, it has a long service life and good dust and moisture resistance, which is more favored by users!

The application field of Iimd panel decoration technology is very wide:

1. Home appliance industry: rice cookers, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. use imd panels to control decoration.

2. Electronic industry: MP3 player, computer, VCD, DVD, electronic notebook, camera and other decorative shells and labels.

3. Automobile industry: instrument panel, air-conditioning panel, interior parts, lamp shell, signs, etc.

4. Computer industry: keyboard and mouse shells.

5. Communication industry: mobile phone buttons, shells, window lenses.

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