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What is the function of the e-book leather case?

by:Jolly     2022-01-18

The use of the e-book leather case makes customers look good and looks more face. There are many e-books in the electronic market that use large 7-inch C-Paper technology LCD color screens, 800*480 high-definition resolution, Reading a book is bigger and more comfortable, which can effectively reduce eye fatigue. Compared with the previous e-books, it has strong professional e-reading capabilities, and can support TXT, PDF, RTF, EPUB, HTML and other popular e-book formats for direct browsing. At the same time, it has large left and right page turning keys, bookmark reading, automatic playback, and TTS. Powerful e-reading capabilities such as reading aloud, PDF horizontal screen, PDF automatic re-formatting, PDF bookmarks, etc. It can also play music, color photo albums and even 720P resolution high-definition videos. It is an e-book that integrates professional e-reading and entertainment functions. Reader, very suitable for students and young people to choose. The key is that the surface of the current phone leather case has a very delicate matte treatment, which makes people feel very atmospheric and beautiful, and it feels very good when held in the hand. Interfaces, switches, and signs are all handled very well, with a high sense of science and technology, and it will be very face-free whether it is for personal use or as a gift.

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