What is the prospect of the mobile phone case customization market?

by:Jolly     2021-12-08
The mobile phone case wholesale manufacturer tells you-what is the prospect of the mobile phone case customization market? Let me talk about the definition of mobile phone case customization half a year ago, but two years ago, 'customization' is still in large quantities, only the amount has become smaller. The customization industry has developed to this day. Thanks to the rapid development of science and technology, the printer equipment is extremely small, and the customization of individual mobile phone cases has long been a reality. Therefore, what you have seen so far is to put it bluntly, it will no longer be possible for sales, but a single one is okay. Under the concept that everyone pays attention to 'we are differentNow you can directly search for 'mobile phone case customizationThis also indirectly shows that the market is recognized by the market. As an outstanding person in the field of customization, I have read this section before. For detailed information, please refer to: Therefore, in 2019, I still focus on the customization market. How to do it depends on your own overall strength. If you are rich, you can buy a large and medium-sized UV machine, set up a factory, open 1688, and recruit agents... small assets, no overall strength, and you want to earn some money in the field of customization, use it to enjoy Yin's customized equipment is okay, simple and rude to make money. The above is really personal opinion, self-employment is risky, please weigh it yourself! (Correct answer) Look at the balance sheet, look at the profit, etc. First go to the company and look at its table. Look at the profit, from the point of view of its sales. For example, how much profit accounts for. The amount of gross profit can be determined How about a company’s taker. If the ratio of gross profit to total sales is large, it shows that it is cost-effective. From the dividends, it can be seen that the company values u200bu200bproject investment or short-term profit. From working capital and operating profit The proportion of the company can be seen in the ability of the company to repay others. If it is too low, it can show from the side that the company’s management methods are not efficient, and if it is too high, it also shows that the company is not good at project investment. At other levels, you can see from the company’s managers to grasp its environment, Evaluate his ability, and whether it is suitable for this company. Or from the perspective of previous operating income, it depends on how the company borrows. If there is too much, there is a risk, in other words, the gas is insufficient. Divide the net profit by the total sales to understand the company's management methods for other levels of expenditure, such as water and electricity projects, office equipment, etc. If the result is very high, it means The company is economical and the management method is orderly. If it is low, it indicates that the company's high efficiency is not high. Finally, compare the company's annual sales performance. If it is significantly increased, it can indicate that the company's position is reasonable of. It’s not easy to do. First, there are too many people who sell, and the market is saturated. Second, the profit is relatively low. Because you need to go to the processing plant in the early stage, the total number is usually too small. This is not a loss, so it is suggested that there is no total traffic and marketing channels. It is not recommended to make sure that the user-friendly and interesting graphic version of the shell is available in the market.
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