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What is thermal transfer and how does thermal transfer print patterns

by:Jolly     2022-01-15

No one in the printing industry knows about thermal transfer, because this was the most popular printing method more than 10 years ago. Even today, many industries still use thermal transfer equipment to print patterns and produce products. But this kind of technology is gradually introduced to the stage of history, because of the more advanced printing technology-UV inkjet printing. However, it is still necessary to understand the thermal transfer technology for people who have never been in the printing industry.

Transfer transfer refers to a printing method in which the graphics and text on the intermediate carrier film are transferred to the substrate with corresponding pressure. Thermal transfer is to use thermal transfer ink (ie sublimation ink) to print any image such as portraits and landscapes on color inkjet paper (or special inkjet printing paper for thermal sublimation), or print ordinary ink on film thermal transfer The paper is then heated to a certain temperature within a few minutes by a thermal transfer heating device, and the color of the pattern on the paper is realistically transferred to porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, cotton fabric and other materials. A special printing process.

The thermal transfer printing pattern generally needs to go through the following steps:

The first step: the image is printed out by a color inkjet printer.

Step 2: Put the printed pattern aside first, and start the transfer after about 15-20 minutes. When transferring, when placing the printed image on the clothes, the pattern side should be facing down, and then adjust the time according to the transfer requirements of the thermal transfer equipment (usually 20 seconds), and close the heating plate of the equipment ( Note: The cotton T-shirt should be sprayed with a little darkening agent on the printing part before transfer, and it must be dried before thermal transfer. Its function is to change the color of the ink through thermal pressure and improve the bright effect of the ink on the clothes. ).

The third step: In order to prevent the clothes from turning yellow due to the high temperature, a piece of interlining cloth can be put on the clothes for thermal transfer. After the time alarm of the thermal transfer equipment, lift up the heating sheet, quickly uncover the pattern paper, take out the clothes, and turn off the power supply of the equipment.

Step 4: Finally, when the temperature of the clothes cools down, fold the bag and complete the entire heat transfer printing process and make it into a finished product.

From the above steps, it can be seen that printing patterns with thermal transfer is a relatively complicated process, in which the requirements for patterns become higher, and the temperature of the thermal transfer equipment should be controlled well (requires Experienced master), otherwise it is easy to destroy the product.

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