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What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing mobile phone holsters?

by:Jolly     2022-01-07

What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing mobile phone holsters wholesale? How can we better purchase a satisfactory source of goods? Here, Qilai, an excellent leather case manufacturer, reminds you of the two basic points that you must have: meticulous and professional! So how can we be meticulous and professional? Which aspects should we pay attention to? Next, I will explain to you.

  (1) Quality:

  The meaning of    is excellent and good quality. Generally speaking to purchasers, the definition of quality: it can be said to be good quality if it meets the requirements and specifications agreed by both parties. Therefore, procurement personnel should first understand the supplier's in-depth degree of their own product quality, and a well-managed service supplier should have a quality management system and an environmental production management system. Therefore, purchasers should obtain proof of relevant documents to facilitate future transactions.

  Secondly, each product has a professional standard and industry standard in the market, but usually in the purchase and sale contracts and orders, the quality is generally represented by one of the following:

  [Grade of goods on the market]

  [Product brand awareness]

  [Commercially used standards]

  [Physical or chemical specifications 】

  [Sample seller or house purchase]

  [Product performance specifications]

  [Product engineering drawing]

  [Combination of the above]

   When purchasing, purchasers should first reach a mutually agreed quality standard with the supplier on the quality of the product. For products such as sets, suppliers should be required to provide samples for storage in order to avoid future disputes or legal proceedings. For defective products or products damaged during storage and transportation, the purchaser shall request a return or refund when purchasing.

  (2) Packaging:

  Packaging can be divided into two types: inner packaging and outer packaging

  [1] inner packaging is used to protect, display, Or explain the purpose of the product.

   [2] The outer packaging is only used for protection during storage and transportation.

   Well-designed inner packaging can often increase the customer’s willingness to buy and accelerate the return of goods. Purchasers should persuade suppliers to learn from good companies in this regard and make improvements to facilitate each other’s sales.

  (3) Price:

   In addition to quality and packaging, price is the most important item in all purchases. High quality and low price. If the purchaser adds a reasonable gross profit to the purchase price for any product he intends to purchase, he should not purchase from the supplier if he or she judges that the price cannot attract customers. Therefore, you should understand the following points before purchasing:

   [1] Investigate and refer to the market price of related similar goods, not relying on the one-sided words of the service provider.

   [2] When purchasing the price, you need to analyze whether the cost and price are beneficial to you.

   [3] If you are purchasing in a competitive bidding process, analyze the bid prices and quality of different suppliers, and purchase with them separately to obtain a reasonable but fair price.

   [4] When choosing a bidding, don’t think that the lowest price is the best service provider. You must choose a service that can provide support in other aspects such as customization, production, delivery, after-sales, etc. Suppliers are the best.

   [5] So we usually choose to provide manufacturers or manufacturers with extremely low prices, rather than choose to provide us with large wholesalers with extremely low prices.

   [6] Because the former will support more marketing expenses in terms of product quality, supply guarantee, after-sales service, promotional activities and other sponsorships.

   The above points are the three important aspects that Qilai Leather Factory will answer to you about how to better purchase satisfactory products. In fact, when we purchase products, we should pay more attention to avoid purchasing substandard products. Qilai Leather is a professional manufacturer of leather cases. Wholesalers and traders who need to purchase leather cases can call for consultation. The quality of the products is good, and the sales volume is no problem! Click to consult.

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