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What kind of leather case is good for high-end smartphones?

by:Jolly     2021-12-23

First understand that there are 3 types of mobile phone cases: silicone case, clear water case, mobile phone holster. Here are some product characteristics of its 3 kinds of holster, and then choose your favorite mobile phone case wholesale. Silicone cover: The main function is to protect the surface of the product from scratches and dirt, but it is not convenient to use and easy to loose! Few styles and single appearance. Long-term use and easy to discard. Clear water jacket: some are made of pure transparent crystal, some are a combination of soft and hard, which I think can be trusted. Choose the corresponding model according to the personal mobile phone situation and it will not change much after long-term use; it is easy to disassemble and close; if Said that the protective effect of course cannot be compared with the leather case, because the clear water case is just a single-sided protective shell, and the mobile phone screen has not been protected. Few styles and single appearance. Mobile phone holster: A holster, a mobile phone can be fully protected. Generally, the body is attached to one end, and the leather on the other end is used to protect the screen. The materials are cowhide, sheepskin, artificial leather, etc. Rich styles and high-end products. The styles and appearances are diversified, giving the other side of the phone's appearance beautification. The experience that a variety of mobile phones cannot give users, such as comfortable hand feel, can be realized on mobile phone holsters. Dongguan Qilai Leather Products Co., Ltd. is an integration of processing, production, customization and sales. It specializes in the production of hot-pressed leather cases, customized hot-pressed leather cases, and hot-pressed leather case design. Qilai leather goods, service hotline 400-858-681

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