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What kind of mobile phone case suits you?

by:Jolly     2021-12-08

The mobile phone case wholesale market is extremely hot right now. The iml mobile phone case factory has a wide variety of mobile phone cases and fancy styles. The dazzling array of products is a bit dazzling. So what kind of mobile phone case is suitable for you?

To know what kind of mobile phone case is suitable for you, you must first have a certain understanding of the phone case. In addition to the style problems that everyone can see at a glance, you must also have a certain understanding of the material of the phone case. Cani, the manufacturer of mobile phone cases, will share this knowledge with you. Nowadays, the selection of mobile phone cases on the market is roughly: silicone, TPU, PC, leather, etc.

Silica gel: It is the earliest material used in the production of mobile phone protective shells, and it is also a familiar material. The texture of silica gel is soft and soft to the touch, but due to its strong adsorption, it is easy to get dirty, and the price and quality are uneven. The characteristics of TPU are gradually replaced by TPU.

TPU: It is a relatively popular mobile phone protective cover material in recent years. It is resistant to oil, water, and mold, and has outstanding bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance of TPU products. Before that, TPU has been used in medicine. The field is a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly material. The texture of TPU is softer, and the hand feel is slightly harder than silica gel. Its biggest feature is wear resistance, dirt resistance, and good anti-sweat and anti-skid effect.

PC: PC engineering plastic for short, its advantages are: good light transmittance, strong hardness, anti-aging, light and thin, good strength and toughness, and the PC material can be reprocessed on its surface to change its feel, such as rough Both matte and fine matte can be successfully implemented on PC materials, and the heat dissipation of PC materials is also very good. Generally, PC materials are used for heat sinks.

Leather: It is divided into artificial leather and animal leather. Whether it is artificial leather or animal leather, its biggest feature is its elegant and chic appearance, some of which give people a retro feel, like the rave British leather case, which highlights the business texture , Plus points in appearance. The characteristics of convenient leather performance are comfortable hand feeling, no wear to the phone, good heat dissipation, and the combination of leather and flocking super fiber provide better protection for the phone.

It can be seen that with the development of the times, mobile phone cases are also changing and progressing. Mobile phone protective cases are becoming more and more exquisite in terms of materials. Mobile phone cases made of silica gel have been gradually eliminated from the market. When we choose You can choose TPU or leather phone cases according to your preferences and acceptable prices. Of course, metal phone cases are also a good choice.

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