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What kind of project is good for starting a business? Recommended projects for small-cost starting a business to make money!

by:Jolly     2021-12-20
What kind of project is good for starting a business? Recommended projects for small-cost entrepreneurship to make money! Now the living conditions are better, and many people have some savings in their hands, so they want to start a business. Now there are many options for starting a business, but many investment entrepreneurs may not find it, such as this Article: What are the good projects for young people's entrepreneurship in 2018? Just a list of good entrepreneurial projects, you can go and see if you haven't seen it. In fact, in the last article, personally most optimistic is the mobile phone case customization project! In view of the limitation of the length of the article, there is no detailed introduction to the personalized customized mobile phone case project, so I will write an article here to give a general introduction.

What is personalized phone case wholesale customization?

This project is to print various patterns on the back of the phone case. This pattern can be your selfie, art photo, celebrity photo, new child photo, It can also be any picture downloaded on the Internet.

However, there is a requirement that the picture should be as high-definition as possible, because the definition of picture pixels determines the effect of printing. If you choose a pattern with smaller pixels, the printed pattern may be blurry.

If you choose a higher-definition pattern, the clarity of the printed effect will definitely be better.

What products can be customized for this project?

The company's current customizable products include mobile phone cases (most models), wood-painted slate-painted power banks, Chinese knots, makeup mirrors and other products.

The most popular and popular one is of course the personalized customization of mobile phone cases, which has the largest market.

How is the product made?

Take a customized mobile phone case wholesale as an example. The customer places an order software to add pictures, edit, modify, and typeset in the software. Finally form your favorite style, just confirm the order, as shown in the figure below:

The merchant can check the customer order through the back-end order management software, click Just print it!

In 1-3 minutes, a customized mobile phone case was successfully made! The following is the printing device.

Sample of product printing

Make such a Can the project make money?

Many franchisees will make money steadily after joining for a month. The premise is that you have to do it, sell it, let the machine sleep at home, and the money will not fly by itself,

Many franchisees earn one hundred yuan a day, but one thousand yuan a day is still very simple. Here is the order record of the franchisee: http://www.xyppt.com/news/132-cn.html You can find out by yourself.

Many people are concerned about seeing others make money, can I make money when I am low?

Where should I understand What are the advantages of the company’s project compared to the same industry? These advantages are not clear in one sentence. It is recommended to read this article: Detailed introduction of mobile phone case customization and joining. There are comparisons in all aspects. I will not repeat them here!

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