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what phone cases can fit an iphone xr

by:Jolly     2023-05-21

Introduction to iPhone XR cases

The iPhone XR is one of the latest models of the iPhone, and it is a popular choice among people who want a great smartphone with features that boost productivity and enjoyment. One of the ways that they can ensure the longevity of their phone is to get a protective case. Phone cases come in different designs, types, and sizes, and some people may wonder what phone cases can fit an iPhone XR. This article will explore the different cases that work for iPhone XR's.

Understanding iPhone XR specifications

Before highlighting the compatible phone cases for iPhone XR, it is essential to understand its dimensions. The iPhone XR has dimensions of 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm (5.94 x 2.98 x 0.33 in) and a 6.1 inches screen. It also has a glass front (Gorilla Glass), aluminum frame, and glass back (Gorilla Glass).This specification is vital because it provides a baseline for choosing the right phone case wholesale.

1. Apple cases

Apple, the manufacturer of iPhone, has a product line of phone cases specifically designed for iPhone XR. The official cases are available in silicone, leather, and clear cases. The silicone cases come in a range of colors to choose from, while the leather covers come in black, taupe, and PRODUCT (RED) varieties. All cases fit snugly on the phone and provide access to all buttons and ports. The clear case option is transparent and provides a view of the phone's vibrant back color.

2. Hybrid cases

Hybrid cases for iPhone XR feature a combination of materials that offer both protection and style. They usually consist of a soft TPU bumper that provides shock absorption and a hard polycarbonate shell that offers scratch-resistance. These cases are available in different designs, from clear to printed patterns. Hybrid cases come with responsive buttons, cutouts for ports, and raised edges to protect the screen and camera.

3. Tough cases

Tough cases are similar to hybrid cases but offer more protection against extreme drops and impacts. They usually have multiple layers of protection, including a hard polycarbonate outer shell, a TPU inner layer, and a built-in screen protector. Tough cases may add bulk to the phone, but they provide a rugged feel that is ideal for people who use their phones in rugged settings. Additionally, most tough cases are designed to military standards, and some come with stands for hands-free use.

4. Wallet cases

Wallet cases for iPhone XR are stylish and practical. They provide the phone with protection and storage for cards and cash. They are usually made of leather or synthetic leather and come in different colors and designs. Wallet cases also offer a stand feature that allows the phone to rest in a vertical or horizontal position for hands-free use. Additionally, they are equipped with RFID-blocking technology to protect against card skimming.

5. Armband cases

Armband cases for iPhone XR are perfect for people who want to carry their phone while working out, jogging, or hiking. They usually feature an adjustable strap that fits securely around the user's arm. They are made of sweat-resistant materials and have a clear protective plastic cover that allows the user to access the phone's touch screen. Additionally, armband cases come with a slot for a key or card and provide access to the phone's audio jack.


In conclusion, iPhone XR cases come in different shapes, sizes, and materials that offer protection and style. The choice of phone case wholesale depends on personal preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Apple cases, hybrid cases, tough cases, wallet cases, and armband cases are some of the compatible options for iPhone XR. When selecting a case, it is essential to consider the dimensions of the phone to ensure a perfect fit. Ultimately, a good phone case wholesale should protect the phone from potential damage and enhance its usability in different settings.

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