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What should I do if the phone case turns yellow after being used for a long time? Click here to see the solution

by:Jolly     2021-12-15

As an item for everyone to protect their phones, basically 90% of mobile phone users wear them. For some people who don’t like fancy styles, they usually buy silicone phone cases to protect their beloved phones.

I believe that most people have encountered such a problem. The new phone case they bought will turn black and yellow after a short period of time, making the originally transparent phone case beige, which is very ugly. ?

Throw it away? Reluctant. Keep it? It looks uncomfortable

How can I restore my phone case to its original appearance?

Don't worry! ! I have found various ways to deal with the yellowing of the phone case, please read down...

Method 1:

If you have not used a phone case wholesale for a long time A lot of bacteria accumulate on it. At this time, we clean the phone case wholesale regularly, which can not only remove bacteria, but also yellow and stain the phone to a certain extent. Generally, cleaning with toothpaste, eraser, alcohol, and detergent can remove dirt well.

If it is used for a long time, the shell has been chemically oxidized, so the above method can no longer be used for treatment, and the shell can only be replaced.

Method 2:

1: If it is a transparent case, you can use a blade or small scissors to cut out a personalized picture suitable for the size of the phone case, and then insert it into the phone case;< /p>

2: If you want your phone to be more exquisite, you can use a paper tape sticker, paste it on the outside of the phone case, and then use a utility knife to trim it carefully, then you can put the phone case wholesale The edges are also completely covered, leaving no yellow.

3: Use paint to color the phone case, and do some DIY graffiti or autographs within your abilities, and the phone case will be completely new and unique.

But I still want to say something owingly, I really don’t like the above approach! ! Might as well go streaking!

Here I teach you 3 better ways

One: Gold-plated shell

The electroplating mobile phone case is to plate a layer of metal on the original mobile phone soft case. Coating, wear-resistant and oxidation-resistant, the thin electroplated soft shell is very soft, even if it is folded, it will not leave traces, it will not yellow, and it will still be as bright as new even after using it for a period of time.

Because the electroplating layer is only a very shallow layer of coating, it will not affect the thickness and feel of the phone after wearing it, but it will protect the phone while increasing the grip of the phone feel. And there are still many colors available

to better reflect the needs of individualization.

Two: PC hard shell

Choose some color shells or black shells, so that you can not see, or even rarely see the dirty things, so you can't see it! However, fading and other phenomena will occur after a long period of time.

3: Glass shell

Compared with the gold-plated shell, the glass shell is harder, has better texture and smoother hand. However, because the glass is too fragile, if it is dropped from a high place, the shell may be damaged. Many glass shells are customized mobile phone shells with printed patterns, which looks very nice when done.

According to all aspects of information, the gold-plated case is the ultimate killer to solve the yellowing of the phone. If you want to solve the yellowing problem of the phone, then buy a gold-plated case. Bar!

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