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What technology is needed for mobile phone case printing customization

by:Jolly     2021-12-15

At a certain exhibition

'What technology do you need to master for your mobile phone case printing customization project?' A customer asked

'Of course not.' I replied.

'I see that many small UV printers on the Internet require customers to learn simple typesetting and PS, don't you need them?' the customer asked again.

'No, because the biggest difference between our equipment and the equipment on the network is that there is a set of customer DIY customization system, this system allows customers to Edit the pattern and product, and generate an order. The only thing the merchant has to do is to make the pattern the customer wants into the product and it’s OK. '

'Don't understand'.

'Well, maybe what I said is more professional, you can't understand it for a while, please come and sit down, I will introduce you in detail.'

Customers want to know more about our equipment, so they listened to my suggestions.

'Yes, our small entrepreneurial project consists of a personalized customized machine + a set of Internet order management software; the machine is just what the merchant is responsible for printing the customer to do Products, and the products that customers want, such as this beautiful mobile phone shell pattern in my hand, are customers who scan the code through WeChat to directly enter the merchant’s software backend, and select the model that matches their mobile phone. In the background, through a series of Pattern tools, such as highlighting, black and white, adding personalized text or icon LOGO, etc., edit and generate the pattern you want, and then submit it!

After submission, the background will automatically Generate a unique order number, such as: 888888. This order number represents the product that the customer wants. The merchant only needs to log in to the backstage and find the order number '888888' in the management backstage, and the customer's lack of recognition is what he wants The pattern is fine. Do you understand what I'm talking about?' I asked him.


'If you know the product that the customer wants, you can print it directly.' I went on to say, select the pattern to be printed in the management background. Click Print, and choose to contact the customer Put the same mobile phone case consumables into the tray, and then you will see the device and start printing, you can find and print the phone case wholesale the customer wants in one to two minutes;

'Maybe you don't feel how simple it is. Come, print a shell and experience it.'

I took a transparent shell of Apple 7 at random and asked the customer to scan the code to place an order in the software, and then tell me the detailed order number.

One minute later, he gave me the ticket number. I found that it was a family photo in the back-end management list, which was very warm.

Take the case, put the tray, and click to print. After a while, the phone case he wanted came out.

Look, if you are a franchisee, do you need any technology?

For other devices on the Internet, do you want to learn typesetting, PS, and picture beautification, but you don't need it with this device. You only need to simply look up the order and print it!

It is indeed much simpler than other homes!

Finally, this customer added my WeChat account and asked for my business card. After 3 days, he called and ordered one.

Hey, no way, who makes the machine so good?

If you haven’t learned about the company’s machinery and equipment in detail before, click this link at the back for a detailed introduction: http://www.xyppt.com/server/


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