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Where can I sell customized mobile phone case projects?

by:Jolly     2021-12-20

Many people have seen the prospect and market for private customization of mobile phone cases, but they still cannot sell the products well. What are the reasons?

First of all, market factors are excluded, here is nothing more than two major points for personal summary analysis.

One: the selected position is not good enough; two: the advertising and marketing copy is not good enough. Today, I will focus on what kind of location is more suitable for private customization projects;

Before determining the selected location, you must first understand your product. The ancients said: 'Know yourself and the enemy, and you won’t end up in battle.' When we sell a product, we naturally need to understand the advantages, disadvantages, applicable people, consumption level, age and gender of the product.

What are the advantages of which mobile phone case personalized product? Trendy, novel, individual, funny, handsome, different... and other words will appear in your mind. This is the unique charm of the product;

What about the shortcomings? For example: the color fades, the price is high, it may take a few minutes to do it on site, unlike other finished products, you can pay for it;

Applicable to groups: people who want to change the phone case

Consumption ability: The mobile phone case itself belongs to daily consumption, the price is not high, and most people can accept it;

Consumption age: For newer things, young people prefer it, and can further lock in consumption Crowd;

Gender of consumption: Young women like to buy and buy more than men, like couple mobile phone cases;

Through the above analysis, we can get a general idea What kind of person is the sales target: a group of people who are younger, have a lot of time, average spending power, and are more interested in new things.

Where can such a group of people look for?

One: Are the train station and bus station okay? There is a huge flow of people coming and going here.

I can only say that there are people here, but many people who ride in the car will not consume here (except for food and drink). Because they are all daring to time, they are not in a hurry and they are always wary of pickpockets, and they will not consume easily. Besides, the high rent near the railway station and bus station is relatively a condition of rejection for general consumers.

Two: Various tourist attractions

It is also a good choice near relatively large tourist attractions, but you must choose a place for tourists to rest. The scenery is enough to buy time for rest Of course, some small products are rare. Customers themselves will also like it very much. The company has a lot of franchisees selling in scenic spots, and the daily income is rich, especially in the tourist season, there are often hot scenes of waiting in line for production.

3: Large supermarkets, shopping malls

Specialized in large supermarkets, shopping malls, or in stores, you can rent stalls for product sales, which belongs to the supermarket Or the flow of people in the mall, average shoppers have plenty of time, and they don't care too much if you spend a few minutes on site. If there is a crowd in front of your booth, many people will stop and watch or even place orders.

Four: Photo studios, wedding photo studios

Cooperate with photo studios, wedding photo studios, or set up franchise offices near their stores to attract their customers Coming to your store is also a way. After all, it is a woman's nature to love beauty and personality. This method has a big limitation, that is, the lack of crowds, which can be used as an alternative.

Five: Night market stalls

In southern cities, after 10 o’clock, groups of young people flocked to the night market with stalls. The customers here are very good. There is also plenty of time. As long as the product advertisement is done well, it is not a big problem to do dozens of items in one night. The Taiwanese franchise method is the best.

6: Near the college town high school

Whether it is spare time, spending power and the ability to accept new things, college students are indeed first-class and can do A customized mobile phone case that they love will definitely bring you a lot of repeat customers.

Seven: Pedestrian Street Snack Street

The customers here are all for consumption. The time to buy products is sufficient, the consumption power is also OK, and they have a deep understanding of trends, so they can He gets the favor of the product, and the product can be sold at a good price.

Of course, the good locations that are really suitable for this project are not just the above-mentioned places. I am just here to give you a start. Friends who are interested can continue to extend their ideas based on the product. You will definitely find a good way of selling that suits you.

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