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Which brand of small uv printer is better?

by:Jolly     2022-01-14

Small UV printers are relative to large UV printing equipment.

How much is the small, and how big is the big?

I believe anyone who has been in the printing industry should know that the volume of the large UV machine referred to by the industry is generally about 2-3 meters in length and 1.5-2M in width. One of the big guys will definitely take up a lot of space.

If you are engaged in large-scale advertising printing, I want to believe you can understand how specific what I said.

How small?

There is nothing specific when it is small, it can be an inkjet printer the size of an ordinary daily printer, as shown in the figure below.

For example: Our company’s second-generation personalized printing device is such a device. It is small and does not occupy an area. You can start your own business with a desktop life journey.

Of course, there are bigger ones, as shown in the figure below

They are also small, because relatively speaking, the volume is indeed much smaller.

There are indeed many manufacturers selling small UV printers, but which brand is more prestigious?

Well, because of this problem, it’s really not easy to say, because there is no official standard in the UV industry. Some so-called self-proclaimed brands are brought by themselves, like 'preferred brands'. The 'Famous Brands' 'TOP 10 List' has changed the method and put their own brands on it, in fact, to gain attention and improve the 'familiarity' of their products, but this 'familiarity' is false.

So, if you still search for a good brand of small UV printer, you really should. . . .

Someone must ask, since there is no uniform official standard, how to judge the quality of a product?

In the past few years, I have a little experience here for your reference:

1: The workmanship of the product

Whether it is independent research and development, or semi-development or even It is a modified small UV printer, which will more or less reflect the quality of its own company, study it;

2: After-sales service

Does the sales company have Ru0026D factories, technicians and good After-sales service.

These are the key points. Under the premise that there is no real strength brand, the only thing you can see is the quality of the equipment and the company’s after-sales service, not the so-called self-proclaimed 'brand on the Internet' 'Reputation.

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