Which is better, a metal phone case or a silicone case?

by:Jolly     2021-12-11
The silicone case is good and can play a buffering role. Disadvantages of the silicone mobile phone protective case: 1. Larger volume. Limited to the material characteristics of the silicone protective cover, and in order to highlight its anti-vibration performance, the silicone cover is generally thicker, which affects the original appearance of the iphone5 to a certain extent and appears a bit bulky. 2. Poor heat dissipation. It is also the reason for the texture and thickness of silica gel, and the heat dissipation effect is relatively poor. For those who like to play with iphone5, they should choose carefully. 3. Difficult to match. Silicone sleeves are mostly warm and fresh colors, and they are better matched in summer. When it comes to autumn and winter, this style is a bit out of harmony with the environment. 4. If the number of disassembly is too much, it will be a little loose. The silicone material is relatively soft, and the thickness of the mobile phone case of this material is generally high, which has good shock resistance and cushioning properties, and can provide excellent protection against accidental impact and slippage. 2. Feel comfortable. The soft cover brings a soft feel, not as rigid as a hard shell, and fits your hand better. It feels soft and soft to the skin. 3. Waterproof insulation. There is no leather phone case that is easy to wet, and there is no easy conductivity of a metal phone case wholesale, and there will be no static electricity that can occur in a plastic phone case. 4. More suitable for women to use. Silicone mobile phone cases generally appear in small and fresh styles, with fresh colors and soft texture, which are more in line with the temperament of young women and can bring out your liveliness and agility. 5. Easy to disassemble. The silicone material is soft and flexible, and it is easy to disassemble. It is not as difficult to operate as other types of mobile phone cases. Even girls can easily install and disassemble. IPhone case
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