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Which of the six colors and four colors is better for the printer ink, and what is the difference?

by:Jolly     2022-01-12

During product negotiations with customers, I often encounter small detailed questions that customers are asking, such as: Is it easy to block the nozzle? , The difference between 6-color and 4-color ink? ....

If the customer’s questions cannot be resolved well, the customer will not be able to purchase the company’s equipment. Therefore, for these common problems, as a successful salesperson, these small The problem must be learned and understood. Only by understanding the small problems and differences in the equipment, can we perfectly dispel the concerns of customers and successfully sell the products.

Today, let’s talk about the difference between using 6-color ink and 4-color ink in the UV printer industry.

One: The number of colors

The four-color inks are the most commonly used in our daily life. They are: C (cyan), M (red) , Y (yellow), K (black).

The 6-color ink is actually based on the basic colors: C (cyan), M (red), Y (yellow), K (black) plus CL (light cyan) and ML (light red). Two colors.

Two: The difference of printing effect

In our daily life, 4 colors are enough to meet people's color needs , Like in our daily photocopying, printing and scanning, the printers used in photo printing are basically 4-color printers, which can fully meet the needs of life; and the 6-color UV printer actually enhances the color on the basis of 4-color. Accuracy and excessiveness can better present the reproduction of colors and character products. If the quality of the pattern is not too high, 4-color printing is sufficient.

The difference between them is the above two points, the others are really gone!

However, the clarity of a product's printing is not only the difference between 4 colors and 6 colors, but also other reasons, such as: the original clarity of the picture, the quality of the printer's spray, The moving speed of the printer and the hardware configuration may affect the printing effect, so don't just care about the difference between 4-color and 6-color when printing products.

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