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Which personality phone cases do celebrities like? Open your eyes!

by:Jolly     2021-12-14


Smartphones have become one of the indispensable products for everyone to go out. They are inseparable from the mobile phone every day, eat and sleep together, and use clothes of various colors and materials-mobile phone cases, Dress up the phone protection. What kind of phone cases are the most image-conscious celebrities using? Today I will take you to open your eyes and see what kind of phone cases the celebrities in their eyes like!

Tang Yan Louis Vuitton Monogram mobile phone case

Tang Yan once posted the Louis Vuitton Monogram mobile phone case on Weibo, also I have appeared with LV mobile phone cases on many occasions, walking on the red carpet, and attending events. LV mobile phone cases are fashionable and beautiful, and they are more fashionable than handbags. However, LV mobile phone cases are not cheap. The most expensive series is sold at 4W. The price in the picture above is also more than 1W, which is more expensive than mobile phones. It can be called the most local tyrant.

Ni Nijing Boran Couple

Jing Boran and Ni Ni have been very affectionate after they announced their relationship, and often dressed in couple costumes generously spreading dog food. In addition to wearing a couple's clothes, the mobile phones of the two should also be paired. According to statistics, there are at least four mobile phone cases for couples between Jing Boran and Ni Ni. Some of them say 'Girl Feeding CatNS. Although the two have broken up peacefully, the sweet memories of the past are still great memories.

The most heartwarming: Yang Mi loves a female phone case

Because Yang Mi is busy with work, it is rare to go to Hong Kong to reunite with his daughter, so he is often accused of incompetence. But in an airport capture, the sharp-eyed fan found that something seemed to be attached to the phone and enlarged the picture infinitely, only to find that it was a sticker of Disney's Little Mermaid, which is Xiao Nuomi's favorite cartoon character. Not only that, netizens also found the photos she had taken into the mirror with her mobile phone before, with 'Noemie Lau' posted on the top. 'Lau' is Liu spelled in Hong Kong, and 'Noemie Lau' is the words 'Liu Nuomi'. Da Mi Mi's love for Xiao Nuomi is hidden in these small details, which is really heartwarming.

The most domineering: Carina Lau customized mobile phone case

Carina Lau has become a news highlight without styling. She held up her mobile phone to take pictures at the scene from time to time, and everyone found that her mobile phone case was printed with the '+0' symbol, which was taken from Carina's homophonic sound. It was inexplicably cute. It turns out that Carina Lau would also skin it. Netizens left messages one after another: 'Is this tailor-made?' 'This idea is great

Lin Gengxin 'spicy strips' mobile phone case

Lin Gengxin not only loves spicy strips, but also often sends others to eat. , Zhao Liying and Xue Zhiqian have been sent off. Some netizens broke the news that his phone cases are all with a spicy background. The funny-loving Lin Gengxin mobile phone case has always been very playful. He has also exposed a mobile phone case before, and the three characters 'mobile phone casing' are written on the back. It is simple and rude. Is Lin Gengxin happy for you?

Jia Jingwen uses the detergent bottle as a mobile phone case wholesale

The detergent mobile phone case Jia Jingwen has posted on Weibo At first glance, I can’t see that it is a phone case at all. It can be said to be quite well hidden, but how do I feel like an advertisement?

Zhou Dongyu’s little yellow duck phone case syncs with God

A Dongyu Zhou holding a little yellow duck phone case is infested! It has to be reminiscent of that stalk-Zhou Dongyu's gaze is similar to the duck on the phone case! The cute Dongyu Zhou holds such a cute phone case, it's a great match!

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