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Which silicone phone case factory is better

by:Jolly     2021-12-12

Silicone mobile phone cases have become popular with the popularity of smart phones, because they are environmentally friendly, feel good, can protect mobile phones very well, and can be decorated with various shapes and patterns, so they are popular. , Silicone mobile phone cover factories are also blooming everywhere.

What kind of silicone mobile phone case wholesale factory is good? How to choose a silicone mobile phone case factory when customizing a silicone mobile phone case? Before choosing a factory, you should clarify your needs, and understand the industry situation and process characteristics of silicone mobile phone cases. There are currently three processes for making silicone mobile phone cases.

1. Printing: first make a monochromatic silicone mobile phone case, and then through the printing process, coloring and drawing. The advantage of this process is that it has high production efficiency. The disadvantage is that it can only make flat patterns and has restrictions on printing colors.

2. Coloring: In the past, most people chose to change the craft, the advantage is that it can make three-dimensional patterns. The disadvantage is that the coloring is done by hand. If the color is a little more, the cost is very high, and the silicone material is very viscous, and the subtleties cannot be achieved. It needs to be simplified. This wastes the designer's effort and reduces the silicone mobile phone. Set of beauty.

3. Qilai silicone multi-color integrated molding process: This new process is adopted by more and more people. The reason is that more than 30 colors and three-dimensional gradient colors can be made on the surface of the silicone mobile phone case. The product is the same as the design drawing, and the details can be made without simplifying the drawing file.

The choice is greater than the effort. Choose a suitable and reliable silicone phone case factory to make cooperation easier.

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