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Which small uv printer is better and how to choose?

by:Jolly     2021-12-18

Currently, the types of UV machines on the market include large UV printers, medium UV printers and small UV printers. Customers can comprehensively choose their own equipment according to their own business conditions.

For customers with a relatively large market, if you are doing custom wholesale, large format advertising and printing business, or even a medium-sized machine that cannot meet the business needs, large-scale is undoubtedly the most suitable and quite reasonable choice, and compared to For many small entrepreneurial businesses, small and medium-sized UV printers are the most suitable, and the price is relatively cheap. Even if they can't print super-large format like large UV printers, general business is not a problem.

Of course, what I want to talk about today is not the above two types, but the small UV printing equipment with the lowest entrepreneurial cost. For Xiaobai who has just entered the printing industry, there is a model A small UV printer as a pre-learning experience is a necessity for entering the UV industry, and it is also the basis for investment.

However, so many merchants on the Internet are selling small UV printer products. What kind of products do we want to buy is the most suitable for us?

First of all, you have to understand what you do.

If you use a small UV machine to make a simple flat product such as an ordinary mobile phone or acrylic board, most or even 100% of the merchants on the market now Yes; if you want to print a larger format, you can print reliefs, cylinders, and uneven surfaces, which can eliminate many businesses in the market.

Secondly, what kind of business are you going to do?

The first-generation equipment of Xiangyin Company is only a product that can print flat surfaces, and is limited to mobile phone cases. Later, the second-generation equipment developed and developed has expanded the range of printing products. It can print mobile phone shell wood paintings, Chinese knots, power banks, etc. For specific product details, please see this link: Xiangyin second-generation machine customized equipment; For relief, Rugged products still have limitations; unable to meet customer needs, we can only continue to develop new equipment, so we have the third-generation A3UV flatbed printer (click to view the advantages of the latest A3uv machine), of course, the advantages of this new small UV printer product are natural It inherits the advantages of the two phones, and at the same time develops more possibilities for customized products;

If your business is limited to customized mobile phone cases, which second-generation customized equipment is sufficient; if you If you want to customize more products, the 3rd generation UV machine is more suitable. The premise is what are you going to do? If you make industrial grade, well, our products are not suitable for you temporarily.

Finally, shop around

As the saying goes: 'The cowhide is not blown, and the train is not pushed.' Good products can talk. There are many manufacturers in the purchase of small UV printers, and the quality is uneven. Before signing the contract, we still compare the performance, advantages and disadvantages of various machines in many aspects. Only in this way can we buy products of high quality and low price.

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