Wholesale red rice NOTE mobile phone leather case, Qilai is the first choice

by:Jolly     2022-01-18

Wholesale Redmi NOTE mobile phone case wholesale, the first choice is Dongqilai

Redmi NOTE can be said to be the most popular Xiaomi mobile phone so far. After purchasing a mobile phone, putting on a protective cover for the mobile phone has become the consensus of many people. While the mobile phone market is developing in full swing, mobile phone protective covers are also constantly changing and developing. The most common mobile phone protective sleeves on the market are PC protective sleeves, silicone sleeves, and clear water sleeves. They look cheap and have no texture, so many people shift their goals to leather protective sleeves. Qilai recommends to you the wholesale of Redmi NOTE mobile phone leather case, which adopts high-quality three-line PU, humanized design, the reason why Redmi NOTE mobile phone leather case wholesale chooses Qilai:

1 , Process upgrade and ultra-durability: The traditional oil edge process is a common treatment method for the edge of leather products, but the oil edge is easy to age and fall off, resulting in oil loss, deformation, and leather edge cracking. This red rice NOTE leather case uses precision For sewing, we guarantee 1 inch 9 stitches per leather case.

2. Accurate hole opening is unobstructed: precise mold opening, super toughness, integral seam fit, more precise hole position design brings smoother operation experience 3. Adjustable bracket function: game Video, enjoy audio and video, provide 30-90 degree multi-directional bracket function, multi-faceted enjoyment Provide the most user-friendly new experience of leather case 4. Listening hole is reserved for easy calls and chatting. The reserved listening hole design allows you to close the front The cover is easy to talk, eliminating the inconvenience of calling

This article comes from Dongguan Commodity Leather Products Co., Ltd., Redmi NOTE mobile phone leather case wholesale, Qilai will be your most wise choice! Consultation hotline: 400-858-681

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