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Why are tablet holsters so popular?

by:Jolly     2022-01-18

Why are tablet holsters so popular?

Nowadays, many people are using tablet holsters and other holsters, but what if the holster accidentally gets dirty?

Current leather cases generally use imitation leather as the fabric. Of course, some high-end leather cases are made of cowhide or sheepskin.

If the imitation leather on the surface of the leather case is generally dirty, it can be wiped off with a cotton cloth. If it is difficult to clean dirt such as glue, it should be washed with Baidian oil or alcohol.

Why don't the leather case be washed with water?

Because a lot of leather is breathable, if the imitation leather is washed with water and the water enters the interior of the leather case, it will impregnate the cardboard that is not visible in the middle of the leather case, and the cardboard will become soft. Change, then the leather case cannot be used for too long.

In addition to using the above method, the leather surface of the leather holster is not shiny after a period of time. You can clean it with leather brightener. The surface of the washed leather will be as shiny as new, which will also extend the life of the leather.

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