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Why do UV printers use manufacturer-specified UV inks?

by:Jolly     2022-01-15

The uv ink in the uv printer is the most used in the entire printer consumables. The quality of the ink directly determines the normal operation of the entire equipment. If the ink quality is not matched, it will affect the printing of the entire screen. If the color difference is more serious than the wire drawing, the print head may be blocked, reducing the life of the entire printing device. Therefore, for UV ink, it is recommended to get the goods directly from the manufacturer to avoid unnecessary trouble.

If the product is not obtained from the manufacturer, the equipment may have the following conditions:

1: The nozzle is easy to block

any A UV ink is produced by technicians according to the characteristics of the nozzle before it leaves the factory. The function of the nozzle can be used to the greatest extent to maintain the proper ink jetting of the ink. A good pattern is the perfect combination of the nozzle and ink. If the ink is suddenly changed, it may not be guaranteed that the printed pattern will be consistent with the three-year description.

2: Curing problem

UV ink uses LED curing ink to form the effect of printing and drying. It may be due to the combination of inks from other manufacturers. The different components of the ink cause the ink to be unable or even unable to be fully cured, and the image quality of the pattern appears blurred from the surface, which seriously affects the effect of the finished product.

3: Maintenance service

When purchasing the manufacturer’s uv printer products, the company will sign a certain after-sales service, one of which is to include the use of other hardware Equipment problems caused by the manufacturer’s ink. If this happens, sorry, the manufacturer may not provide after-sales service to you.

4: Auxiliary equipment

General ink and the accessories of the entire equipment are related, the article mentioned above the nozzle; but also for the entire ink circuit Because the chemical properties of the entire ink are different, it also has a big impact on the corrosiveness of the product accessories and whether the ink tube will be blocked for a long time.

If the product has the above various conditions, it will more or less affect the quality of the product, thereby affecting the progress of the entire production, for the sake of hundreds of fast ink money, affecting its own production and even reducing the life of the equipment It's a bit uneconomical, but if you want to change the manufacturer's ink, please think twice.

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