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Why Jolly do GRS Products?


We Jolly have been qualified to provide GRS products to our customers. The first is the conceptual question: What is GRS certification?

GRS certification is a global recycling standard certification, developed for the needs of the textile industry, to verify recycled products or certain specific products. More importantly, let retailers and consumers know which parts of a particular product are recycled materials and how to handle them in the supply chain. In order to obtain GRS certification, all companies involved in the manufacture and operation of your products, including semi-finished suppliers, must also comply with the GRS standards.

GRS Certification (Global Recycling Standard) is an international, voluntary, and comprehensive product standard that addresses supply chain manufacturers' product recovery/regeneration components, regulatory chain controls, social responsibility and environmental regulations, and chemical restrictions. Execution and certification by a third-party certification body.


That’s why we Jolly devotes into providing GRS products. 

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