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Work layout for the economy of the stall

by:Jolly     2021-12-24

u200b On June 5, 2020, our company actively responded to the party and the state's call for the work of the stall economy. As a mobile phone case manufacturer, the stall mobile phone case wholesale was also launched in time.....

u200b The factory deeply understands the importance of the 'market stall' economy, combined with the characteristics of the mobile phone cases produced by our company that are suitable for a wide range of people, quality and environmental protection are guaranteed, and product prices are relatively low. 'Street stalls' are economical and effective to stimulate business opportunities and vitality in the city. The factory meeting decided that all mobile phone cases will be shipped to the government designated locations for free, and the government will arrange for relevant practitioners to take the goods first, sell them and then settle the payment, so that entrepreneurs have no financial pressure! The mobile phone case wholesale launched by our company is not low-priced and inferior, but a mobile phone case that can withstand the test of the market!

The mobile phone case wholesale currently launched by our company Mobile phone cases are mainly transparent acrylic. The brands include Apple mobile phone cases, Huawei mobile phone cases, Samsung mobile phone cases, Xiaomi mobile phone cases, VIVO mobile phone cases and OPPO mobile phone cases.

China’s stall economic system has a long history. There was a stall economy in ancient China, and it has been recorded in many places. The stall economy at that time is clearly drawn on the map of Shanghe on the Qingming Festival.

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