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[Yellow silicone case] What should I do if the silicone phone case turns yellow? Can the phone case be yellowed?

by:Jolly     2021-12-22

[Yellow Silicone Case] u200bu200bWhat should I do if the silicone phone case turns yellow? Can the phone case be yellowed?

Silicone mobile phone cases are loved by us because of their soft texture, comfortable feel, strong protection, and long service life, but the saddest thing is that they will turn yellow after a long time. The newly bought mobile phone case wholesale turned into khaki soon after using it. I thought it was a retro mobile phone case. You became like this when you used to be pure and transparent. What can I do to save you? What should I do if the silicone phone case turns yellow? Can the yellowing of the phone case wholesale be solved?

How does the yellow silicone cover turn white?

1. Rinse with clean water:

This is a commonly used method. If there is still grease on the silicone sleeve, it is recommended to apply some soapy water, then wipe off the stain with a soft cloth, and then rinse with clean water. Finally, dry the silicone sleeve with a paper towel or soft cloth, and dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

2. Use an eraser

The eraser is very easy to use. In addition to wiping the pen, it also has a great cleaning effect on other objects. It can also be used on the silicone sleeve. Especially for the models with frosted effect on the body, you only need to wipe with a simple eraser to easily clean up the stolen goods.

3. Alcohol wipe method

As everyone knows, alcohol has a very strong decontamination ability and is volatile. It returns to a dry state within a short time after wiping. It is not as easy to penetrate into the machine as water, which may cause a short circuit of the power supply, etc. In case, just wipe it directly with a paper towel. It can also be disinfected.

4. Use toothpaste to clean

Toothpaste is very effective in cleaning the oral cavity, because toothpaste is also a soft granular solid, which can rub the teeth and make the teeth more smooth and white. Toothpaste is also a good cleaning tool. Apply toothpaste on the surface of the silicone sleeve, wipe it repeatedly with a lens cloth, and finally rinse with clean water.

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Through the above methods, although the phone case wholesale is cleaner, it is still a retro style. You can't just clean it, but don't use disinfectant or other cleaning. Those corrosive can not be used indiscriminately. The oxidized mobile phone case cannot be changed back to the original state, so choose to buy a new one, but when choosing a mobile phone case, you can try other types of mobile phone protective cases, such as metal mobile phone cases.

Why does the silicone sleeve turn yellow after using it for a long time?

1. It is possible that the raw material of the silicone sleeve itself is a low-end industrial silicone, which fails to meet the standard after being made into a finished product, which causes it to turn yellow.

2. There is no anti-yellow agent added to the raw material of the silicone sleeve, so the color will turn yellow when the final process is pressed and vulcanized at high temperature.

3. If the transparent silicone material is often exposed to high temperature and exposed to the sun, it will also cause yellowing.

4. Ordinary vulcanizing agent is added to the rubber compound, and no anti-yellowing ingredients are added. If it is used for too long, it will cause the product to turn yellow.

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