Common problems of IMD process and IML process surface process products in the injection molding process

by:Jolly     2022-01-10
1. Environmental requirements of iml injection workshop:
1. One hundred thousand grade purification workshop
2. Change anti-static clothes and hats when entering and exiting the workshop, and entering and exiting must go through the air shower door, and the dust-stained film on the ground in the air shower door space should be replaced regularly.
3. Keep the ground moist and clean. Humidifiers and Xiaomi air purifiers can be added appropriately.
2. Common problems and cause analysis in the process of iml injection molding:
1. Air bubbles---The raw materials are not dried, the injection temperature is too high, and the injection parameters of the injection molding machine are not adjusted properly
2. Wrinkling---The sheet is too large and does not match the mold, the sheet is not formed enough, and the sheet is not installed in place in the mold
3. Scratches---The wiping force is too large when the sheet is cleaned, the mold cavity is scratched, and the product is not protected during the turnover process, and the product is scratched by the drape of other products
4. Imprinting---The sheet or mold cavity is dirty, dust, etc. are not cleaned up, the mold itself is polished with defects, and it is caused by the dust generated by the front mold.
5. Black dots, different color dots, pitting---The raw material is not clean, the barrel temperature is too high, the black dots are burnt, the screw is not cleaned regularly, the sheet is printed with different color dots, printing is missed, and too much mold cleaning agent is added.
6. Material flower---The raw material is not dried, the back pressure of the injection molding is too small, the nozzle temperature of the injection molding machine is too high, and the back cable of the injection molding machine is too long
7. Deformation---Insufficient injection pressure, too short injection molding time, unreasonable mold injection point design, and product thickness is too thin
8. Inking---The temperature of the plastic material is too high, the glue feeding speed is too fast, and the printing process is not done well
9. Delamination---The adhesive is not cured well, there is oil stain on the sheet or the mold, the mold temperature is low or the mold temperature is not connected

10. The edge is white or the edge is pressed --- the punching die is too large or too small

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