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by:Jolly     2022-01-20
1. The 3D version of the mobile phone film customization master software, you can add text or signature, can directly import special image formats such as PNG, full of personality, show yourself, and the information is updated synchronously with all parts of the world.
2. Rich product models, more than 3000 types of tangent covering domestic and foreign mobile phones, keeping up with market trends.
3. Matching screensavers, which are completely integrated with the film pattern, and can be used as couple stickers, parent-child stickers, and girlfriend stickers.
4. The film production is fast and efficient, completed within a few minutes, no special experience is required, simple operation, easy to get started: equipment integration, simple training can be used, one person can operate and one person can complete.
5. There are multiple texture effects such as gloss, matte, flash point, skin texture, 3D water drop, etc. to meet the different needs of customers.
6. Low investment, low entrepreneurial threshold, no inventory pressure, can serve high-traffic customers in online stores and physical stores at the same time, with high profits and quick return on costs.
7. Advanced equipment, easy profitability: The equipment is small and exquisite, the speed is super fast, the Daqin mobile phone film master custom 3D system system is not suitable for small batches of personalized film, small investment and quick results.
8. Flexible management, earning money no matter what: you can open a brand store, you can operate an online store, or you can set up a stall if you don’t have a storefront. Not limited by store time and space, no matter e-commerce, store business, or mobile business, you can make quick money!
Marketing Features
1. The market is large and the prospects are good. Fashion, customization, personality, and items never go out of style, and the usage of mobile phones and digital products continues to grow.
2. The investment is small and the profit is high, usually several times or even dozens of times.
3. Flexible business methods, small workplaces, usually in the form of counters and storefronts, it is easier to open a shop online.
4. No inventory pressure, make on demand.
5. The first choice for mobile phone sellers to expand their value-added services.
6. The mobile phone shell film can be customized, and the profit margin is greater.
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