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How to clean the silicone phone case when it is yellow

by:Jolly     2021-12-07
1. Generally, transparent plastic or resin products will turn yellow after a long time. Such conditions are attributed to conventional air oxidation. 2. How to clean up the transparent mobile phone case: 1. The most targeted method is to clean it with water: apply soap to the silicone case with vegetable oil, wipe off the oil stains with a soft cloth, and then rinse with clean water. Wipe the water with a paper towel or soft cloth, and dry it in a cool, air-ventilated area. 2. Use an eraser. 3. Use ethanol or apply some whitening toothpaste to clean up. (Use less) 4. Use scotch tape or adhesive cloth to stick. There are large wide scotch tapes on the market. Use it to stick two or three times to try the actual effect. It is very possible that some small dust can be too dirty. There is not much practical effect. 5. Apply a small amount of cooling oil on the silicone mobile phone case with a makeup remover cotton swab. After waiting for 1 min, gently scrub with the cotton swab to remove the dirt. 6. Rub it gently with detergent, then rinse with clean water, and let it dry after washing. Remember, there is no need to expose it to the sun. Silicone mobile phone cases must not be exposed to the sun, and there is no need to clean them repeatedly, which will outweigh the gains. The above method can only be kept clean, and cannot be restored to the full transparency of the initial new purchase. But nowadays mobile phone cases are not very expensive, why do we have to wash and wash a mobile phone case? The phone case wholesale is too yellow, so just replace it with another phone case wholesale. The color selection is relatively deep, no one can tell even if it turns yellow. If the phone case turns white when it is yellow, and the silicone is yellow, it should be cleaned up like that. Silicone phone case is an object that can be used to maintain the phone, but it usually turns yellow after long-term application. If you want to repair the yellow color of the phone case, it is relatively simple. You only need to drop the cooling oil on the surface of the phone case and wipe it evenly with a glasses cloth, and then let the phone case sit for a while and then use the glasses cloth to spread it more. Just one scrub.
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