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Is the iPhone12 mobile phone case compatible with the iPhone12Pro?

by:Jolly     2021-12-09
After Apple’s iPhone 12 was announced for sale, many customers got their newly bought mobile phones and prepared to buy a more suitable mobile phone case wholesale for the new phone. Then many people found out whether the mobile phone cases of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro can be used together. Can the shell be universal? Let's get acquainted with it. 1. The mobile phone cases of iPhone12 and iPhone12Pro can be used universally. This is because the specifications and sizes of the two phones are completely the same, and the appearance of the two phones is different, the outer frame material is different and the total number of surveillance cameras is different 2. These two The case of the mobile phone can be used at the same time, but there will be some hazards in the part of the surveillance camera, which is not easy to cater completely, but overall there is no great hazard. 3. The overall dimensions of iPhone12 and iPhone12Pro are: total width: 71.5mm (2.82 inches) Height: 146.7mm (5.75.5 inches) Thickness: 7.4mm (0.29 inches), they only have a difference in net weight. 4. Special attention must be paid to the purchase of third-party mobile phone case wholesale parts. Is it suitable for magsafe wireless charger
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