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Silicone mobile phone anti-slip mat

by:Jolly     2022-01-12

Silicone mobile phone anti-slip mats are mainly used in automobiles. Compared with car mobile phone holders, they can protect the mobile phone. The reason is that the anti-slip effect is strong and will not damage the mobile phone. Many car friends have responded and use mobile phones. The bracket will rub the edge of the phone and affect the appearance, while the silicone anti-skid pad will not have this situation, and various exquisite patterns are made on the silicone anti-skid pad to decorate the interior.

As an innovative silicone anti-skid pad factory, Qilai Silicone Technology has a patented technology and a multi-color integrated silicone molding process. It can make a variety of colorful and beautifully patterned silicone anti-skid pads. Compared with the traditional technology, the silicone multi-color integrated molding The process has no restrictions on the color. There are more than 30 colors in the product, and there will be no inaccurate registration, and the color fastness is strong and the service life is long.

Automotive silicone anti-slip mats are mainly customized by merchants to make promotional gifts or car-related sales. Making exquisite automotive silicone anti-slip mats can not only enhance the user’s favor, but also put your own logo on the product, which can also enhance your own brand. Visibility. Qilai Silicone has customized various automotive silicone anti-skid pads for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and other automobile brands, and the response effects of the merchants are very good.

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