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The weather is getting colder, do you want the whole one-of-a-kind clothes?

by:Jolly     2021-12-19

After the National Day, the weather gradually turned cooler, and more and more customers began to add clothing. In this lukewarm season, sweaters have become the first choice for many friends.

The most feared thing about wearing clothes is to hit the shirt, but did you know that the patterns of the clothes can be customized now, if you want to wear something different from others, even highlight yourself You can customize one of your own.

Currently, the third-generation equipment of Xiangyin Technology can also personalize clothes. You only need to select or design your favorite pattern, and then put the clothes on the printer. Click print, and you can print out the personalized clothes you want after a while!

Are couple sweaters like the one above very fashionable and pretty?

In the past, what kind of heat transfer tools were needed for printing patterns, but now they are not needed at all, because now they are all directly printed on the clothes, saving a lot of labor and material costs.

The machine that prints such a product is the company's third-generation UV printing equipment.

The body is small and does not occupy an area; the weight is also lighter than many manufacturers, only 15 kg; more importantly, it can print many products of many materials, so to speak It is an artifact for customized products for personalized gift companies.

With such a machine, you can print any products within the machine’s format, such as mobile phone cases, acrylic panels, mobile power supplies, leather, leather cases, glass, ceramic tiles, etc., And the clothes are just one of them.

If you want to show your own personality in the fall, let's customize a set!

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