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How to Choose a Phone Case


Everyone wants to protect their mobile phones from damage. The mobile phone is a world in itself for many of us. Our everyday hustle of life is ever-growing. And within this toil, getting baffled up and losing our minds is not a big deal. Dropping off mobile phones is very common and very hurting simultaneously. Losing grips from your mobile phones or phones slipping off on grounds due to any uncertain action is expected. In such a situation, having a mobile phone case is very important to give your mobile a long life and protection from casualties.


Read on to explore phone case wholesale spots and some best phone case manufacturers out in the market. Reading why there is a need for a case for your phone is also crucial to assisting you in buying one!


How Does Having A Case For Your Mobile Phone Assist You?

Though purchasing a case for your mobile phone might sound very typical, you should know that you get so many benefits alongside a mobile phone case with the purchase.


Mobile Phone Cases Are The Caretakers Of Your Phone:

A case for your phone will safeguard it from damages caused due to uncertain falls and collisions of your mobile with hard surfaces. It is advisable to purchase silicon mobile cases instead of plastic ones because silicon mobile cases absorb the shock or jerk due to falling or hitting hard surfaces.


The Appealing Looks Are Eye-Catchy!

Often people don't buy cases for their mobile phones just because they think that using a case will lower the beauty of their mobile phone. But the fact is that if you don't use a case for your mobile, more or less later, your phone won't retain the beauty and style of the phone due to unfortunate falls that no one wants but occurs.


Nowadays, mobile phone cases are very sleek and attractive.

The Perk Of Good Resale Is All Yours!

Like a wrapper protects a toffee inside itself, a house protects a human being within itself, and a case for a mobile similarly protects it. The protection increases the life span of the mobile, and when you go about to sell it in the market, you get a good amount because your mobile will be in good condition by using a mobile phone case.


A Case For Mobile Phones Gives Screen Protection That Enhances Visual Effects:

Many mobile phone cases come in specific sizes and shapes that aid in protecting the screen from getting damaged. Such cases have edges around the corner of the case, which aids in protecting the screen from cracks. It means better visual effects than a broken screen, and it also saves your money from recurrent screen cover changing!


They Are Low On Your Pocket!

Mobile phone cases are very economical. They can be easily found in low price ranges also. That means protection and saving both at the same time. That is a good deal!


The Most Delicate and Most Protective Cases on the Market for Your Mobile Phone

When it comes to purchasing a case for your phone, getting confused between options is typical. There are many cell phone cases wholesale markets selling a variety of different products. iPhone users are very keen on purchasing cases for mobile phones because buying an iPhone is a lot of your investment. Protecting your iPhone should be the first priority after the purchase. There are iPhone case wholesale markets and standard phone case wholesale markets that can be easily found online. The real struggle is to know which phone case manufacturer produces the suitable quality material that perfectly fits your phone features.


While purchasing, you should consider that the seller should be reliable; if you are buying online, there might be more or fewer uncertainties because you are not checking the cases manually yourself whether they fit your phone. So ensure that the seller is reliable and sends you the right product. d-jolly is one of the most trustworthy phone case sellers you will find out there in the market. Their wide range of quality products is customer-friendly and responsive to customers' concerns. They are a high-quality phone case manufacturer that produces a product worth the purchase!


You should also ensure that the case you are purchasing perfectly fits your mobile phone's features and looks. d-jolly phone cases are very accommodating in this regard. From transparent cases for your mobile phone to any color you want. From plastic to leather to silicon, they have every material manufactured case there for you right on their website.

Here is why d-jolly phone cases stand out in the market. They have adjustable writs straps on their phone cases like the one they have for iPhone 13.


This feature enables more good grasping characteristics, enhancing the phone's beauty. The strap is colorfully designed that promises to boost your phone look. They have phone cases that are also antimicrobial like this one. It is a very peculiar feature. Protection not only from damages but from microbes also. It is fascinating because often, we use the phone with dirty hands and later, without cleaning the surfaces, use them again such that the bacteria are prone to infect us. But through the feature, you can also save yourself and your phone simultaneously!


They have many other features in their phone cases and a wide variety of products. Their website is self-guided, and every specification is mentioned right next to the case you might like to purchase. It helps you identify the features of your phone and match them with the case. Their high-quality product and professionalism will surely help you buy a suitable case for your phone. Then what are you waiting for? Go grab your perfect match mobile phone case now from d-jolly.

Checking Lists when Contacting Phone Case Manufacturers in China

What is phone case manufacturing?

Guess you want to sell mobile phone cases via an e-commerce website.

Definitely, someone needs to design and manufacture these cases so that you can supply your target market and meet the needs of B2B customers and individual customers.

Phone cases manufacturing is performed by firms specializing in product design and process planning, and phone cases are made from a big range of materials.

Checking lists when dealing with Phone Case Manufacturers


MOQ means lowest order quantity. Some producers will not accept for orders less than the specified quantity, such as 1000pcs, 500pcs, or 100pcs.

In many cases, the cost of each item will reduce as the number of items you order rises.

If you need an extremely low price, please ensure you have sufficient quantity to support the manufacture.

Bulk price

Suppliers of mobile phone cases generally give different wholesale prices according to your purchase quantity.

If you are extremely clear about the quantity you need, you can straight tell the supplier the quantity you need, and they will provide a more perfect quotation.

If you are still not sure about the quantity, I advise you ask the supplier to give a price range.


Samples are very vita ion their full trade. You can determine the standard of the suppliers items based on the samples.

Mainly when you need to customize the phone case, be sure to get samples from the cell phone case suppliers. Because you can never guess what the end product the suppliers will give, even if you communicated.

Production time

Verify with the supplier the time needed for production in advance. Production time is also a very vital factor in the process of picking suppliers.

Different suppliers have different production capacities.

You may have the bad idea here. You might think that the higher the standard of the supplier, the power the production capacity. They can give a little production time.

Logo & branding

If you want to sell your own branded items, adding your logo to the item or packaging is definitely the most perfect solution.

But for adding custom packaging or logo, the supplier will have extra MOQ. Because in many cases, they look for partner to include customize or logos packaging.

If you cannot meet their needs, it can provide you with the easiest way.

You can print your logo on the sticker, and then ask the supplier to paste your logo on the outside packaging of the product.


Although cooperating with a phone case factory in china can get the items you want at an affordable price, this is not your end product cost. You have to include the cost of transporting. So you need to plant eh cost of shipping with your supplier.

For cargo transportation, you don’t necessarily have to pick the supplier to help you complete the transportation. You can also pick cooperate with freight forwarders.

But the premise is that you need to know the China supplier how many boxes of goods are in total, and the volume of each box and gross weight.




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