4 ways to take screenshots on Android phones

by:Jolly     2021-12-19
4 ways to take screenshots on Android phones. What cannot be denied in daily life is that many people play with phones, and there are many Android systems. I often chat with other chat tools such as QQ and WeChat. Sometimes I want to take a screenshot on Weibo and share it with everyone. I don’t know how to take a screenshot or how to take a screenshot. Shenzhen Qilai Digital Technology Co., Ltd. will summarize for you today. 4 A way to take screenshots of Android phones: The first method is for everyone who knows about the system, and those who know technology can refer to: 1. Open the debug mode of the phone: find Applications in Settings, select the sub-option Development: Find 'USB debugging' Option, check. quit. 2. Download Android SDK development tools: download Android development tools, available on various platforms (Win / Mac / Linux), choose by yourself. If there is no JDK, install a JDK first. Then download an IDE, like Eclipse. Those who have done Java (J2ME) programming should be familiar with it. Finally, of course, the Android SDK is embedded in the IDE. 3. Run DDMS: After the IDE and SDK are all set up, open the DDMS program. (The DDMS program is in the Android SDK directory, in the 'tools' folder.) The second method is to take a screenshot of the PC software. This method is also the fastest and the simplest to operate. There are many softwares that can take screenshots on the PC, such as pea pod, Douban, 360 mobile assistant, etc. This method will not be introduced in detail. You only need to download the 360 u200bu200bmobile assistant, and connect via the USB data cable to the mobile phone on the computer. Take a screenshot. The third method is to take screenshots of QQ chat software, I believe everyone is playing Tencent QQ, right? Most people use it every day. In fact, mobile QQ also has the function of screenshots. Below, I will introduce screenshots of mobile QQ. First enter the mobile QQ, click Settings-Accessibility-Turn on 'Screenshot Switch'. After the start, everyone only needs to shake the phone to enter the screenshot interface. The size and position of the screenshot can be selected at will according to everyone! The fourth method mobile phone comes with screenshots. Many mobile phones did not have this function before. Now some mobile phones have this function, but most mobile phones do not have this function. All screenshots of the Android 4.0 operating system are the same, just press and hold the 'Power Off Button' and 'Volume Down Button' at the same time for 3 seconds to take a screenshot! Although Xiaomi M1S uses the MIUI system, it is also optimized based on the Android system, so the quick screenshot method of Xiaomi phones is similar to that of other Android phones. The screenshot method of Xiaomi phones is 'volume down button' + 'three horizontal menu keys' '. Just press at the same time instead of pressing for 3 seconds, so the screenshot is relatively fast. Friends who don’t know how to take screenshots on mobile phones can refer to the above method, which is very useful! You can also consult us for buying Jolly iphone case, silicone protective cover, etc.!
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