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Detailed explanation of the 10 characteristics of the production process of mobile phone holster

by:Jolly     2021-12-24

With the popularity of mobile phones and consumers' demand for mobile phone protection performance, the production technology of mobile phone protective sleeves has been continuously researched and innovated, making product styles diversified and personalized to meet consumers' pursuit of quality of life. A personalized mobile phone protective cover gives consumers a good mood. Below, the editor of Qilai Leather will introduce you to the 10 major production process characteristics of mobile phone protective covers.

Characteristics of the production process of mobile phone leather case:

1. Fully personalized car line:

Mobile phone leather case is formed by car line technology. The car line mobile phone protective cover looks exquisite. The traces left behind can form different patterns, which are fashionable and generous, and full of personality;

2. Silk printing

Silk printing belongs to stencil printing, including transcription, perforated pattern, spray Flower and screen printing etc. The principle of stencil printing is-the printing plate (the perforations that can pass ink are made on the base of the paper film plate or other plates). When printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate (paper, ceramics, Etc.), forming an image or text;

3. Heat setting

The four corners of the mobile phone cover are more commonly used in mobile phone protective cover, so the heat setting mobile phone cover is also called Four corners are shaped. Its definition refers to the mobile phone protective cover using synthetic fiber fabric as the production raw material, and heat treatment under a certain tension to make its shape and size fit the mobile phone perfectly;

4. Cold setting

It means that the mobile phone protective cover is made of materials that can deform and have morphological stability at room temperature. Using a punch at room temperature to make it deform and shape that we need is cold-set. The mainstream cold-setting mobile phone protective cover material is steel sheet;

5. Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a printing process that heats the mold printing plate and applies foil to the printed matter to impress gold Text or pattern. With the rapid development of hot stamping foil, the hot stamping process on mobile phone protective cases has become quite mature. A variety of fonts and beautiful pictures are available;

6. Painted painting has a long history in our country, and now it has a wide range of applications. His beautiful figure has also appeared in the mobile phone protective cover industry; Bringing a colorful century to the mobile phone protective cover industry, now the research and development of a variety of colorful painting machines allows mass production of painted mobile phone protective covers; painted mobile phone protective covers have been loved by many customers and businesses; with the continuous development of color painting With maturity, the cost of color painting has been further reduced;

7. Imprinting

Imprinting on the mobile phone case wholesale is also a printing technology, imprinting and overprinting mean the same thing, one color block overprinting On another color block;

8. Relief

Relief is the product of the combination of sculpture and painting. It uses compression to process objects, and relies on perspective and other factors to express three-dimensional space. And only for one side or two sides to watch. Relief is generally attached to another plane. Due to its compression characteristics, it occupies a small space, so it is suitable for decoration in a variety of environments;

9. Oil edge

After sanding the edges or the three-dimensional contours of the parts of the leather products, it is a decorative traditional craft of rolling a layer of leather edge oil;

10. Skinning

The outer layer is pasted with a layer of leather, which is called pasting; so that the phone case wholesale has the attributes of leather;

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