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do pawn shops buy phone cases

by:Jolly     2023-06-19

Do Pawn Shops Buy Phone Cases?

If you are contemplating selling your old phone or accessories, you might be wondering about the possibility of pawning or selling phone cases. Pawn shops are a reasonable option to sell or pawn electronic devices and accessories. This article answers the question, do pawn shops buy phone cases?

What are Pawn Shops, and How Do They Operate?

Pawnshops have existed for centuries, and they make it possible for people to secure quick loans using valuable items as collateral. The store's success depends on the pawner paying back the loan plus interest within the agreed period. If the customer fails to pay back the loan, the pawnshop forfeits the collateral, and they become the legal owner.

Pawn shops also sell and buy used merchandise as a source of revenue. Besides viewing used items, pawn shops also purchase merchandise from local suppliers or auctions. This merchandise includes jewelry, electronics such as smartphones, power tools, and other accessories.

Do Pawn Shops Buy Phone Cases?

Pawn shops typically only buy phone cases that are compatible and have specific features sought after by their customers. It is essential to note that not all phone case brands and models are attractive to pawn shops.

Cases that have a universal fit or are compatible with various models are less likely to buy since they cater to a smaller target market. However, if you have a rare or unique case, for example, those that are hand-made or have specific design features, pawn shops might consider buying them. Additionally, brand-name phone cases such as OtterBox and LifeProof are more attractive to pawn shops than generic ones.

Factors that determine the value of phone cases.

When determining the value of phone cases, the pawnshop considers several factors. Such factors may include; the condition of the case, phone compatibility, and the brand and model. Most pawn shops prefer phone cases for the latest iPhone and android models since they often have a high demand in the market. New or in good condition cases attract a better resale value.

What to Do Before You Sell Your .

Before you sell your phone case, it's essential to follow some steps. These steps will ensure that you get the best resale value.

Clean your phone case.

Cleaning your phone case wholesale is essential. A clean case looks better, and it indicates that you have taken proper care of the case. Cleaning the case also makes it look as good as new. A dirty case may have scratches and other damages.

Provide supporting documentation.

When you intend to sell a rare or unique case, providing documents such as receipts, certificates of authenticity, and original packaging may increase the chances of getting a better price. The documentation provides proof that the case is genuine and adds value to it.

Research prices.

It is crucial to research prices before pawning or selling your phone case. Check the prices on various online platforms and retail outlets. Having an idea of the current market value of your phone case can help you settle for a fair price.


Pawn shops buy phone cases but only specific brands and models. To get the best resale value for your phone case, ensure that it's clean, compatible, and has the necessary documentation. Researching prices will also help you get a fair price for your phone case wholesale.

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