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do popsockets stick to silicone phone cases

by:Jolly     2023-07-05


Popsockets have become the go-to accessory for phone users to enhance their grip on their smartphones. It provides a better grip on your phone and helps you to use your device more conveniently. Silicone phone cases have also gained popularity because of their durability, softness, and flexibility. Therefore, it is important to know whether popsockets stick to silicone phone cases.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive answer to a question and will cover the following topics:

- What are Popsockets?

- What is a Silicone phone case?

- Features of Popsockets and Silicone phone cases

- Do Popsockets Stick to Silicone Phone Cases?

- Alternatives to using Popsockets

What are Popsockets?

Popsockets are small, circular, collapsible plastic attachments that are affixed to the back of your phone's case, using a non-permanent adhesive. They come in a range of different colors and designs, and they can be used to prop your phone up, to provide a better grip while you're holding your device, and even to wrap your earbuds around when you're not using them.

What is a Silicone phone case?

A silicone phone case is a protective phone case made of silicone rubber material. It is designed to cover your phone and protect it from any external damage. It is a popular material used for phone cases due to its cushioning effect that absorbs the impact of drops and falls.

Features of Popsockets and Silicone phone cases:

Popsockets and Silicone phone cases have distinct features that are essential to their functionality.


- Small and compact

- Collapsible and expandable

- Provides better grip on your phone

- Enables the user to prop up their phone in different positions

- Offers a range of designs and colors to choose from

Silicone phone cases:

- Soft, durable and flexible

- Easy to put on and take off

- Protects the phone from external damage

- Absorbs the impact of drops and falls

- Comes in different colors and designs

Do Popsockets Stick to Silicone Phone Cases?

Now that we have discussed the features of both Popsockets and silicone phone cases, it's time to answer the question; do Popsockets stick to silicone phone cases?

The answer is, Yes, Popsockets do stick to silicone phone cases. Popsockets are designed to adhere to a wide range of materials without damaging the surface. The adhesive used on the back of the Popsockets is strong enough to hold the socket and the phone in place, and it will not damage the silicone phone case wholesale when removed.

Alternatives to using Popsockets:

Although Popsockets are popular, they may not be everyone's cup of tea. Some people find them bulky on their phone or do not like the design. In such a case, here are some alternatives to Popsockets:

1. Phone Loops: Phone Loops are elastic straps attached to the backside of your phone case wholesale. They come in different colors and designs and provide a comfortable grip on your phone.

2. Ring holders: Ring holders attach to the back of your phone case and offer a 360-degree rotation for easy handling. They come in different designs and colors.

3. Finger rings: Finger rings provide a similar function to Popsockets. They are attached to a phone case wholesale's back and provide extra grip when holding your device.


In conclusion, Popsockets do stick to silicone phone cases without damaging the surface. Popsockets, along with silicone phone cases, have unique features that provide protection and functionality to your iPhone or Android device. If you prefer not to use Popsockets, there are many alternatives available in the market that offer a similar function, such as Phone Loops, Ring holders, and finger rings. Ultimately, the choice of phone accessory is up to you and your personal preference.

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