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Dongguan mobile phone protective sleeve classification

by:Jolly     2022-01-02
There are many kinds of materials for Dongguan mobile phone protective covers, which are divided into leather, silica gel, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic, velvet and silk.
Let’s introduce
The metal shell protective cover refers to the protective shell made of metal, which is hard and wear-resistant. It is generally made of aluminum alloy, and the surface color adopts the cathodic oxidation process. Or it can be made by wire drawing process, which has a very delicate appearance. But the relative cost is higher.
Using metal shell, sturdy and durable, provide all-round protection for the mobile phone.
Protective cover + multi-function panel
Protective cover + multi-function panel
Features: The protective cover can be adsorbed on the surface of the iron metal, and the multifunctional panel can be folded into a bracket to enjoy the video. In addition, the multi-function panel can be transformed into a headphone storage mode, eliminating the trouble of entanglement of the headphone cord.
2. Metal mobile phone case wholesale made of pure aluminum alloy (commonly called metal mobile phone frame also means the same thing)
3. Metal and plastic mobile phone cases made of metal aluminum sheets and other materials (also called plastic and aluminum mobile phone protective cases).
Leather cases are also very popular among all kinds of mobile phone protective cases. Compared with a single-style silicone case, business people who work hard in the workplace prefer to use a decent leather case. Unlike young people who admire leisure, holding a mobile phone with a single color is not elegant for them.
Same as silicone cases, there are two types of mobile phone holsters. One is a waistband holster that has been popular for many years, and the applicable type is more common; the other is a portable holster that can be put in a pocket, mostly used for N97 , IPhone and other high-end smart models. Although the two seem to be different in appearance, the manufacturing process is still similar. The advantages of portable holsters are chic, elegant, non-wearing mobile phones, and good heat dissipation, but they are not waterproof like silicone cases. At the same time, if the holster is too large, it is difficult to fit into the trouser pocket, which is somewhat inconvenient to carry.
The quality of leather cases is also uneven. Although leather cases can be seen everywhere on the street stalls, you get what you pay for. The goods of more than ten yuan will naturally not be made of genuine leather. Most of them are artificial leather or fake leather. The phenomenon of cracking and glue will appear soon after use. The leather is durable and has a long service life. Of course, the price is not cheap, and the price generally ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan.
Silicone Case
The silicone sleeve is made of silicone, namely silicone rubber. Silicone case is the most well-known type of mobile phone protective case. It has a soft texture and slightly slippery feel, and has been popular in the market for many years. From the development of shoddy stalls to well-made individual brands, the market share has always been in the lead. Because of its excellent price-performance ratio, silicone sleeves became popular when MP3 and iPod became popular and were favored by many people.
There are many types of mobile phone protective cases in Dongguan, so I won’t introduce them one by one here. u200bu200bRecommended reading: About the development history of mobile phone casesu200b
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