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Dongguan mobile phone protective sleeve manufacturer introduction

by:Jolly     2022-01-02
As the name suggests, Dongguan mobile phone protective cover is a jacket designed and produced for the protection of mobile phones. The role also has the purpose of making the phone beautiful.

The types of mobile phone protective cases in Dongguan have also diversified with the increase of mobile phone brands and functions. According to the texture, they are divided into leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic, velvet and silk. There is a difference between a straight plate and a clamshell for different models. Depending on the model, the applicable categories of mobile phone cases are also different. The candy bar can usually use all types of mobile phone cases, while the sliding type folding type can only choose leather cases.

The role of Dongguan mobile phone protective cover

1. Protect the phone, and protect the phone from hard objects leaving scratches on the phone screen or body.
2. Various colors can be printed on the phone case wholesale, which has the effect of beauty!
3. The silicone sleeve can prevent the nails from being scratched and worn out when contacting the keys for a long time, and it can protect the screen and keys.
4. The silicone protective cover has a non-slip effect.
5. Apple's mobile phone protective cover also has the effect of enhancing the signal, because some mobile phone shells contact with metal and form a magnetic field that interferes with the mobile phone signal. Putting an insulated mobile phone cover on the mobile phone can enhance the signal. u200bRecommended reading: Classification of Dongguan mobile phone cases

Nowadays, the adoption of mobile phone case in mobile phone cases manufacturers industry is quite common.
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