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High-end glass phone case customization

by:Jolly     2021-12-23

It turns out that glass phone cases are not only customized for high-end phone cases, but glass phone cases can also be customized. If the phone shell feels bad, I put on a glass phone case wholesale for my phone. Is there any reason for the instant refreshment? Is there something to be tall in an instant? The fresh and refined temperament comes at your fingertips!

Then the question is, what kind of equipment can print various patterns for glass phone cases, even photos? At present, there are many such machines and equipment on the market that can be printed and even configured manually. VGD 3D embossing special effects printer, unique embossing printing characteristics, printing accuracy up to 5760dpi, can print up to 381mm thick materials, a new concept of personalized customization. It is nothing more than printing so exquisite, so distinctive special effects.

This is the VGD 3D embossing printer. It is suitable for a wide range of printing materials. The accuracy is up to 5760dpi, and it can print materials up to 381mm thick. The world’s original 3D emboss printing special effects, high-speed uv printing. Textured relief. 360-degree relief Printing. Stable performance system, automatic pattern generation, one-time embossing special effects, super adhesion, instant dry, wide printing format, multiple application industries, high printing efficiency, wide application range, the world's first continuous ink supply system to resist curing system.

This is the glass phone case wholesale!

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