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How to analyze which mobile phone case film cutting machine is better? Do not understand!

by:Jolly     2021-12-19

Mobile phone case wholesale film cutting machine is a popular device in the mobile phone accessories industry in recent years. If you still don’t know what a mobile phone case film cutting machine is, please read this article: http://www.xyppt.com/ news/372-cn.html or Baidu on its own, today is to say, if you look at so many mobile phone film cutters on the market, what kind of film cutter is a good film cutter. When this standard is clear, it is natural to judge. The main function of the film cutting machine is to cut the mobile phone film, and cut out the mobile phone film suitable for this model according to different models. There are several points to pay attention to when choosing a mobile phone film cutting machine:

1. Simple operation and easy to use

A good product, if it can be produced , But the production process is complicated, I think many people are unwilling to buy, because not everyone is so easy to grasp the operability of the equipment, in case of operating errors, the machine is prone to failure, and it is a waste of no money. Time, if the equipment is easy to operate and easy to use, there is no need to worry about the time cost of training new employees; moreover, the main energy of the clerk should be on promoting other highly profitable items, and it is unnecessary to spend too much time on the film. , This can also bring greater profits to the store.

2. Film cutting must be efficient

Everyone has heard that time is money. Film cutting is fast and time cost is low, especially for some mobile phones. The small business partners who set up a film cutting machine booth should pay more attention to this production efficiency. The place where the booth is set up is very crowded, and it is impossible for customers to spend too much time in the same place, so the high efficiency of the machine cutting film can make You can win more customers in a short time, let customers wait as little as possible, and make more money for you in the same time is the purpose of using it.

3. There are many kinds of cuts.

Customers who come to stick the film are difficult to adjust. If you want to satisfy the 'appetite' of more people, cut the film It will definitely not work if there are fewer types of mobile phone models. One more mobile phone type film will give you an opportunity to make money. Therefore, the film cutting machine that can only cut several types of film is not cost-effective, and it is not worth buying. Enjoy printing The mobile phone film cutting machine can cut 5000 kinds of mobile phone shell models, covering 99% of the mobile phone models on the market, so choose this kind of machine.

4. Reasonable price

Although a machine can solve the problem of mobile phone case storage, it can also solve it efficiently, but the product is expensive and customers can’t buy it. It's not enough to start. What is gratifying is that many domestic mobile phone film cutting machines are not very expensive, and the price range is between 3000-5000, so this one is not very comparable.

5. Fewer equipment failures

An important indicator to measure the profitability of a machine is the stability of the product equipment operation. Although a new machine can make the market All mobile phone film models, but its stability is not good, often 'strikes' it is impossible, and if you are not a professional person to maintain a device, the repair will also take time, so choose a good mobile phone film cutter Choose products with excellent quality.

The above points can be used as a reference standard for you to buy a mobile phone film cutting machine. If you want to work in the film industry now and have not chosen a suitable machine, welcome Consult the mobile phone film cutting machine of our company. It is easy to operate. It can identify the mobile phone model and cut the film in one go. The price is reasonable and the equipment is stable. It is suitable for chain stores and big-brand stores like to use this machine. Recently, the economy of stalls is very hot. Many entrepreneurs who specialize in filming have started this machine and set up filming on the roadside. The income is also quite good. Looking forward to your consultation!

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