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How to distinguish between the cold and warm screens of iPhone6

by:Jolly     2021-12-23
Many people say that the iPhone’s warm screen is a defective product, but it’s actually a wrong idea. In order to ensure the production capacity of a product, manufacturers usually distribute parts orders to multiple suppliers. The difference in screen color temperature is often due to the supplier. Different. In theory, there is no difference in performance between the warm and cold iPhone screens. It only involves a question of habit. Some people like cold screens, while others like warm screens. Cold screen, white temperature 9300k, slightly white; warm screen, white temperature 6500k, yellowish. In theory, warm screens are more suitable for Asians because we have brown eyes, while cold screens are suitable for blue-eyed foreigners. The actual situation is that Asians will feel that the colors are a little bit brighter when watching a cold screen, although the color reproduction is not real. In fact, Chinese people tend to warm the screen, because the colors displayed on the warm screen are more real to Asians. At present, many mobile phones have their own function to adjust the color temperature. If it does not adapt to the color temperature of the original screen, you can change the color temperature of the screen from the software side. The preference for the color temperature of the Jolly iphone case depends on the person. This is related to the scenery we see daily. For example, people who are close to the equator, the average color temperature seen daily is 11000K (8000K (dusk) ~ 17000K (noon) ), so they prefer high color temperature (it looks more real). On the contrary, people in higher latitudes (average color temperature is about 6000K) prefer low color temperature (5600K or 6500K), which means that if you use a If you use a mobile phone with a high color temperature screen to show the scenery of the Arctic, it will feel greenish; on the contrary, if you use a mobile phone with a low color temperature screen to see the subtropical style, you will feel a little reddish. In other words, people with color temperature and dark eyes look at 9300K as white, but people with blue eyes see it as blue, people with blue eyes at 6500K see it as white, and Chinese people see it as yellow.
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