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how to make a paper card wallet

by:Jolly     2023-07-28


Subheading 1: Introduction

Subheading 2: Materials Required

Subheading 3: Step-by-Step Instructions

Subheading 4: Decorating the Paper Card Wallet

Subheading 5: Advantages of Using a Paper Card Wallet


A wallet is an everyday essential for everyone. It not only looks fashionable but keeps your valuables organized and in one place. Wallets come in various material, color, and size, but if you want to go eco-friendly and put your crafting skills to use, a paper card wallet is the best alternative. Card wallets are also budget-friendly and customizable, which means you can make it according to your preferences. Here's a step by step guide on how to make your very own paper card wallet.

Materials Required:

1. Printed paper of your choice

2. Ruler

3. Craft knife/scissors

4. Adhesive tape

5. Cardboard sheets

6. Any decoration items of your choice (optional)

7. A marker pen

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Choose your Printed Paper

Select your printed paper for the wallet. It can be a colorful washi tape, newspaper, or patterned scrapbook paper. Cut two equal pieces of the paper (front and back of the wallet) according to the length and width you want. Keep them aside.

Step 2: Measurement and Cutting of Cardboard Sheets

Cut two rectangular sheets of cardboard, measuring around the same size as that of the printed paper pieces (front and back of the wallet); however, ensure that they are 1.5 centimeters smaller from each side than that of the paper. This is to make sure that the wallet folds over properly.

Step 3: Tape the Cardboard pieces with the Printed Paper

Take one piece of cardboard and stick it to the back of one piece of the printed paper. Similarly, do the other side of the cardboard to the other printed paper side. Ensure that you use strong adhesive tape.

Step 4: Fold the Cardboard sheets

Carefully, fold each piece of cardboard in the center. This will create a wallet with ample space for your cards.

Step 5: Create Card Slots

Using a marker pen, mark the sides you want to create card slots. Make sure they are the same size as your cards.

Step 6: Cut the Slots using a craft knife

Using a craft knife or scissors, cut the card slots from where you marked them earlier.

Step 7: Decorate the Paper Card Wallet

Once you have cut the card slots, it's time to decorate your wallet. You can add any decorative materials like fabric, glitter, sequins, or pictures. Attach them with strong adhesive tape.

Advantages of Using a Paper Card Wallet:

1. The paper card wallet is inexpensive to make, and the main ingredient is just printed paper.

2. It's environmentally friendly as compared to the leather or plastic wallets.

3. It's lightweight, and you can quickly put it in your pocket or bags.

4. It's customizable, so you can personalize it to your taste or as a gift to someone special.

5. The paper wallet can hold multiple cards, bills, and coins.


Creating a paper card wallet has endless possibilities for creativity, and you can make them unique by using your imagination. It doesn't cost much and is eco-friendly, so it's perfect for conscious shoppers. You can make it as simple or as decorative as you like, and it can hold all your valuables. Try making one today and see just how useful, stylish, and practical a paper card wallet can be.

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