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Joining analysis of mobile phone case DIY custom project

by:Jolly     2021-12-17

Smartphones have gradually become necessities in people’s lives, but smart phones have several fatal flaws, such as fear of falling, especially the screen, because smart phones are relatively integrated, have a thin body, and have poor impact resistance. So people need a mobile phone case for protection. At the same time, the mobile phone case also has a strong role of accessories. At present, the domestic mobile phone case wholesale market has annual sales of several billion yuan, making it one of the most popular products in the mobile phone accessories market.

There is no doubt that the mobile phone case customization market is huge. So how many markets belong to the personalized mobile phone case customization market? Xiangyin Technology showcased the entrepreneurial project at a famous ordering event in Beijing in 2015. At that time, it only showed 3 hours, but the 5 devices on display have already been 'produced'. Nearly 150 mobile phone cases were purchased, and many customers pre-purchased the device on site.

According to the official introduction of Taobao, there are currently tens of thousands of mobile phone case sellers on Taobao. Among them, the largest sales volume and the most daily transactions are those that sell personalized mobile phone cases. Shops, and many leading companies in the industry have begun to take the personalized customization route, which indirectly indicates that the mobile phone case personalized customization market is beginning to become popular. At the same time, our reporter visited Zhongguancun, Beijing, and learned that a certain mobile phone case customization company received more than 100 orders per day, each order was more than 10, and the daily turnover was close to 8,000 yuan.

The Entrepreneurship Project of Xiangyin Technology is to provide a personalized DIY mobile phone case wholesale solution. Customers only need to transfer their favorite patterns to a specially designed device, and it only takes 3 minutes to make a mobile phone case. Different mobile phone cases, this project and other projects on the market have other advantages.

First of all, equipment advantages.

1: The production speed is fast, and it only takes 3 minutes to customize a mobile phone case;

2: The scope of application is wide, the size of the device can be adjusted, and it can be customized for all popular products on the market. The outer shell of the mobile phone and the wood-painted makeup mirror, the fire-faced power bank, etc.;

Three: The operation is simple, no P picture layout is required to complete it with one key.

Secondly, project advantages

1: Personalized customization. At present, the homogeneity of mobile phone cases sold in shopping malls, online stores, and counters in the market is very serious. And the vast majority of users want to use personalized mobile phone cases;

Two: The investment is small. Together with equipment and raw materials, investors only need to invest 10,000 yuan.

Three: The equipment covers a small area, only 1 square meter, so investors only need to rent a counter or a shop less than 10 square meters to operate.

At present, the market price of a DIY mobile phone case is about 30-50 yuan/piece. Due to different rent, labor costs, and logistics costs, the gross profit is often slightly different.

1. Investors are recommended to open stores or lease counters near leisure business districts, because these business districts have a large passenger flow and are young fashionistas, and these people pursue personalization need.

2. The project pursues individualization, which also results in the sale of multiple mobile phone cases for each business, which has a certain impact on the income generation of investors. Investors can also increase some group buying business or corporate business gift channels to increase the sales of a single order. For example, investors in Beijing have launched corporate business gift channels and can receive business gifts from one or two companies almost every day— —Mobile phone case customization.

3. Investors can also conduct joint operations with other service organizations, such as nail salons, beauty salons, restaurants, etc., mainly because customers in these places have a long time in the store. The chance of consulting or customizing the phone case is higher.

Here is just a simple list of the advantages and potential customer markets of some product projects. The real market is made. You can’t make money just by analyzing this. For big money, you can go to the mobile phone case customization and franchise section to browse more related product items, and you can get a deeper understanding!

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