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Phone case shooting skills

by:Jolly     2021-12-28
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1. Find the right light source angle
When shooting the phone case wholesale, in order to make the phone case look clearer and the details more prominent, it needs to be emphasized with light. At this time, you can use the light source to aim the phone case and adjust the angle of the camera so that the reflected light hits the camera lens after the light source shines on the phone case. Of course, a slight deviation is also possible.
Two, choose the right collocation
When shooting a mobile phone case, the matching mobile phone is generally used as a collocation, so that the elements of the whole picture are more harmonious.
3. There should be a big contrast between the color of the phone case and the background color
What we are shooting is a mobile phone case, so it is the mobile phone case that needs to be highlighted. When shooting, the selected background color must be quite different from the color of the phone case, so that the outline of the phone case can be clearly seen, making it easy for people to grasp the key points.
4. Put the phone case on the phone
Merely photographing the phone case does not show the beauty of the phone case. You must put it on the matching phone. When you shoot at this time, you can shoot the texture and beauty of the phone case from any angle.
Five, let the model hold the shoot
If the phone case is more fashionable and has an age-appropriate model, ask the model to take a photo with the phone case and put the phone case on the front to highlight it.
VI. Use bokeh appropriately
If you need to highlight the characteristics of the phone case wholesale in a certain environment, but don't want the complicated environment to affect the highlight effect of the phone case, then use the camera's background blur function. Aim the focus of the camera on the phone case, and then blur the background.
Seven, the shooting must be three-dimensional
When shooting, it is best to put the phone case on the phone and place it on another object to tilt or tilt the phone case. In this way, when shooting the phone case, the phone case can appear more three-dimensional.
8. Generally, it is shot diagonally
When shooting a mobile phone case, it is best not to shoot along the long or short side. It is best to place the phone case diagonally, so that the phone case will be more flexible and dull.
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