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The difference between IML and IMD

by:Jolly     2022-01-10
1IMD is suitable for large batches (100,000) or more;
IML production batch quantity is very sensitive;
2 IMD product with 3D image forming height not exceeding 1.5MM
IML can process a variety of messy three-dimensional productions, such as: flat, curved, edging and other products, and the three-dimensional molding height of 3D pictures can reach 40MM
3 IMD products, because the ink is silk-printed on the surface, the font is not easy to be touched;
IML ink is silk-printed on the middle layer, so the surface is bright and beautiful, the more you touch it, the brighter it is, it has excellent scratch resistance, and the picture and color can be changed at any time during production;
4 IMD can only silk-print the same process as bronzing paper, and cannot change its silk-screen color;
IML's ink color has no limit, and the silk screen color can be changed arbitrarily in the same batch of production.
IML's sheet materials are divided into: PET, PC, PMMA, and the materials can be divided into:
A. Bright: frosted surface, silver dots, color, etc.
B, electroplating
C, artificial fur, fur
5 IMD can’t do keystrokes;
IML can do products with buttons;
6 The overall development time of IML is short (in the development of injection molds, molds such as molding and punching can be developed together, and other auxiliary processes can be completed together); several parts can be produced together, so the cost is relatively reduced; because there is no Hook position, so products with relatively thin thickness can be produced.
Special low temperature PC material for IMD/IML process
This product solves the problems that the PC material processing temperature is too high during the IMD process, which causes the ink flushing, poor fluidity and yellowing.
Product Features:
1. High transparency
2. Good liquidity
3. Good chemical resistance
4. The supply is stable, and customers are applying in batches for a long time.
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