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The hazards of long-term mobile phone use

by:Jolly     2021-12-11
The hazards of long-term mobile phone use Shenzhen Qilai Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in iphone mobile phone cases, silicone protective covers, mobile phone protective covers, while protecting your mobile phones, you must also protect yourself. In fact, looking at your mobile phone for a long time can cause great harm to your body. Of course, nowadays, the era of the popularization of smart phones, its comprehensive functions and convenient portability have replaced computers. Mobile phone control is everywhere, whether it is waiting for a car, eating, or even lying in bed without leaving the phone. No one knows how subtle the harm of mobile phones is. The first hazard of playing with mobile phones for a long time: damage to the eyes 1) When playing with mobile phones while lying on the bed, it will cause greater pressure on the left and right eyes, oppress the blood vessels, resulting in insufficient blood supply, and will soon lead to deviations in the vision of the left and right eyes. 2) Looking at the mobile phone screen in a dark environment, due to the strong light of the screen, it will cause strong irritation to the eyes and make the eyes tired, so that within a month will be myopia or even astigmatism. Especially for children under 3 years old, look at things with bright light for less than 15 minutes to avoid damage to eyesight. 3) Relevant information shows that viewing text and pictures on a mobile phone is more troublesome than reading the content of a book or newspaper, that is, viewing things on a mobile phone requires greater focus. Second: Influencing intelligence In the blood circulation of the human body, it is necessary to maintain a balance of positive and negative charges. The continuous emission of electrical radiation from mobile phones will affect this balance state. In the long term, this will reduce immunity, fatigue and make the body in a sub-healthy state. Since the balance of positive and negative charges is inseparable from nerve conduction, when brain nerve conduction is damaged, it will be a decline in intelligence. Third: Reduced sleep Adequate sleep is a necessary guarantee for a healthy life. Because when playing mobile phones, the body's production of melatonin (which is secreted by the pituitary gland, which directly affects the quality of sleep) will be reduced, resulting in reduced sleep or even sleeplessness. I believe that those who play mobile phones until midnight or even later have a deep experience-they are not sleepy at all and do not want to sleep. Fourth: the disease-prone mobile phone emits electrical radiation, and its radiation intensity has nothing to do with the remaining power, but has a certain relationship with the signal strength. The greater the signal intensity, the higher the radiation intensity, and the greater the harm to the body. Electric radiation can prevent cells from carrying out normal metabolic activities, and damage the nerve function and cardiovascular system. Can cause tumors, heart disease, Alzheimer's, tinnitus, hearing loss, etc. Fifth: Damage to the skin. Radiation will cause melanin to be deposited for a long time due to its effects on cells, and spots will grow. There will also be a decline in immunity, bacterial growth, rough skin and even acne. Sixth: Cervical spine reversion Baidu encyclopedia said: Cervical spine reversion is a common cervical spondylosis. The cervical spine has a normal physiological curve. If there is no physiological curve, it even curves in the opposite direction, which is called an anti-arch. Therefore, it is a bad life habit to stay in bed for a long time and play with mobile phones.
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